Goodbye, big aunt

Dec 31, 2016, cloudless clean day, when everybody was saying goodby to each other, my wife’s big aunt from her father went away(my father in law’s big brother’s wife).
She was suffered by a kind of lung tumor, critical type, but went away peacefully.
She was thin and short, a typical old Chinese woman, a symbol of old day’s woman in 1930’s.
She was an educated woman comparing to most of women in her age who was born at that era of China.
In benefit with her education, she was brilliant, deep minded, you can feel it when she talked to you.
After so many years of hard working, now she finally can rest in the heaven, and now she can be together with big uncle again, live together with each other.
I believe Bodhisattva will bless them like Bodhisattva does.

Goodbye, my big uncle

New year, new starts, new beginnings

So manny things happened in 2016, good things, bad things, happy things, sad things, and I was busy in my own so called “The most comfortable state of mind”, but I was cheating myself actually.

Now, 2017 is approaching, new year brings with it new opportunities and excuses to make new starts.

So, like everyone, I can pursue my new beginning now. Isn’t it amazing? XD

Yea, a fresh new start, start deep from the heart, inside out.

Looking forward to you, my 2017.

And wish you great year too, my friends.

Little angel falled to our home

August 20, a cloudless sunny summer day, PM2.5 35, a very clear and clean day considering we are living in China, in Shanghai.

7 am of that bright day, a little angel came to our life. and, today, we named her 韦曦.

曦 means dawn in Chinese, and because her was born at early morning.
韦曦 pronounces same with WISH in English, and also pronounces same with the vocabulary of MANY in my hometown.

So, yes, we do have MANY WISHes for her.
We wish her healthy, we wish her happy, we wish her …

Mom’s surgery

Last month, just before the long holiday, a tumor was found in Mom’s throat(Says Thyroid Cancer).

Early in this month, we got the test result which telling “it’s not a bad tumor”, however, suggestion from the doctor was, better to get rid of it.So we booked a surgery for it, but need time to wait.

The day before yesterday, got a phone call from the hospital, that the surgery apply was accepted.

In fact, we were so worried ever since the tumor was found, but appearently, not as mom’s:

Yesterday, she sent a 2000 RMB Red envelope within to the doctor who’ll charge the surgery when she went to the hospital for check in.

That was a really ridiculous thing to me when mom told me she’d attend to. We would all laugh at that. But the thing was, the doctor actually accepted it. Well, well, well…

Good thing is, mom will not have to worry any other extra things about all the rest surgery arrangement after all.

Bad thing is, this really destroyed my belief in Doctor now.

Anyway, that’s not the point, my wish here is may we a Good luck. Fighting!

Lu Xun Native Place – A biggest house ever saw

In the last holiday (Oct 1), we dropped by ShaoXin on the way back to hometown, and paied a visit at Luxun Native Place.
All I should say is: I finally saw a house which is called as Large families(大户人家),

If you read a lot of LuXun’s Essays in your school time, it could be a good tour to review.
And if you come from a normal family, you should go visit it too, because you will be astonished by it too.

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July 2014: Why LeBron left Miami and back for Cleveland?

July, 2014, there was two big events to me in sport.

World Cup, and LeBron’s leaving decision before the final game of World Cup.

What I want say here is about LeBron’s New decision. There is a Chinese Saying, 好马不吃回头草(The good horse does not keep resuming things given up), IMO, which is exact what LBJ is doing. Continue reading “July 2014: Why LeBron left Miami and back for Cleveland?”

Mom: does the World Cup have any business with you?

2014/6/14, second day of the World Cup, also the weekend at Shanghai.
It was about a quarter to 5, I was pretending to be an old football fan, watching Robben and Van Persie V.S. Spanish.
Mom got up, and went to the living room, and powered off the TV with a direct action, and leave a word to me: what’s wrong with you? Does it have any business with you?

Dear Mom, please, don’t be so realistic, though your son did not watch World Cup for over 10 years. XDXD

Pray for Taiwan, God bless Taiwan

There is a revolution, A.K.A Sunflower Movement, going on in Taiwan since Mar, 19.

Frankly, I dont know what’s the “exact” appeal of the movement leading by students of Taiwan, cause I’m not a Taiwanese, I’m not living in Taiwan, I don’t have so much informations about it, and I don’t know whether it is the right thing to do to pass the trade pact with China.

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A small party for former UniSVRers

Had a party at last weekend with Mars and some others former UniSVR Shanghai R&D colleagues.

Mars Chen, VP of UniSVR, responsible for CMS series of UniArgus products, my former boss, and a sincere friend. Happen to know he’s paying a visit in Shanghai on business. And last sunday, Mar 23, was his 50-year-old birthday. So I put some call to some former R&D colleagues to hold a small party for him.
Left UniSVR as we’ve been, we are UniSVRer still, and UniSVRer forever. Happy bithday to you, my dear friend. And it was so nice to see all the colleagues again, brought up so much sweet memories, and jokes.

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October 2013:Reputation comes from the company you keep

In the past weeks, I was busy working on my new assignment: H323 protocol stack.
After about two monthes hard working, I can finally say that I almost made it, which means I can figure out the reasons of most of the remained bugs/defects, and can resolve them in time if it is protocol relevant. And, I’d say that it’s really a tough one, gaven the backgroud that all the team memenbers had left Kedacom, I have no one to turn to.

However, lots of mistaken/jokes happened during this period.

One biggest mistake/joke was, I said in a weekly meeting, right in front of all the team members, that doing write operations to an NULL pointer can make the app’s top sections of memory (BSS) wrong…

This brief came from an existing code of H323 stack, which apprearantly wrong:


if ( NULL == m_ptMsgDelay )
memset(m_ptMsgDelay, 0, sizeof(m_ptMsgDelay));


I declared it wrong when I first saw line 1:”if ( NULL == m_ptMsgDelay )”.
But I did no more dug on the further codes, because I had tons of codes to read, and I didn’t want to be stucked in some particular lines of code.

When the weekly meeting came, and I didn’t know what to say about, I remenbered this issue, so I brought it out, saying it could lead to write wrong data to an invalid memory section.

Being a programmer for over 10 years, I’ve handled with hundreds of NULL pointer issues. Saying words like this, it’s really out of sense. Even now, I do not know what I was thinking, what I was saying about.

So, yes, I lost all my reputations before gain it. I think this could be a tremendous joke in the whole team, and can be joked all around the company.

Like it or not, it could be a life-time mark for myself. I can also remenber it by joking it around like it or not.

Two lessons:
1. When you see something suspicous, try dig it out.
2. Let it be, if you dont have things to say about.

The good thing is, having nothing valuable to look back, I can look forward now.

20131108 update:

I brought out the codes which I’d made mistake, In the last week’s weekly meeting, to joke how a programmer with over ten years of experience could make such a fault on a knowledge of basis.
But, after a few minutes check & review, I was astonished. Most of the team members were also wrong about the common senses.

So, today, I decide to put it here on my blog, if you happen to see this article, make a test for yourself. If this is the code you need to review, how would you think of it?

typedef struct tagMsgDelay
s32 nMesgType;
s32 nSubReq;
s32 nDelayTime;
u32 nReserved;

TProxyMsg* m_ptMsgType[MAX_MSG_QUEUE];

void InitProxyClient() {
if ( NULL == m_ptMsgDelay )
memset(m_ptMsgDelay, 0, sizeof(m_ptMsgDelay));

Key point of this code:
1. if ( NULL == m_ptMsgDelay )
2. memset
3. sizeof(m_ptMsgDelay)
4. sizeof(NULL)

Had a fever: Prescriptions in China

Last Wendsday, as usually, I could not fall into sleep at night before two and half AM at Fridays. When I got up at morning, about seven, I felt like I’ve got a cold,

a bad one, however I thought I may get through it, because this happens.
However, when I finally got in the office, breathing the air in the office, I felt really baddddd, after made a few work arrangements, I decided to ask a day off and get back home to have some rest. Continue reading “Had a fever: Prescriptions in China”

August 2013: A time for change

After went through the hottest summer ever in Shanghai, we finally can have a cool day in this weekend.
However, lots of things changed/happened in this hottest season.
First, Jane, my niece, went back to hometown right after spent her birthday, she said, it’s too hot.
A few days later, a colleague who was responsible for H.323 stack/protocols (including H.225, H.245, Q.931, T.120, H.460,

H.235, H.239, Gateway, Gatekeeper, proxy modules, SIP/H.323 interworking modules, and more) got himself resigned, saying,

it’s really riley working on days like this. I know it’s a joke, he got a great new job, congratulations to him. But along

with my congratulations, I must say it’s really bad to me, because it’ll be me who take over his jobs which appearantly

have too much issues in it, here are the situations:

1. There once were 7 peaples working on H.323 stack team, he was the last one quitted.
2. He was only responsible for H.225 & H.245 protocols in the most of times.
3. It has been only 3 monthes after the other team members quit, and he took over all the others jobs, not even got to know

what he took over (As I listed, what he responsibled for is only a few part of the team’s job).
4. Now he’s passing them to me…
5. After I checked the defect/bug lists, and reached into the codes, I found out tons of confusing codes which could

misread, in architecture/framework level, in working flow level, and in coding level.
6. Then I turned to the managers trying to get some documents relevant, but got a simple and loud answer, NO.
7. …

Actually, when the former colleague quit, my boss told me that H.323 stack team need to rebuild, or send it away to other

teams, if no one would take it, he’ll take it over himself. But, I told hime, I can take it. So, yes, I asked it for myself

before knowing how what it is.

And I suspended all my researches for now, and trying to get myself into the whole bench of the new jobs, to maintain the full H.323 stack/protocols.

So yes, it’s a change time for me too.

I feel sorry for myself being so rude to rush into these stuff, but I also see a chance in it. Wish me good luck, and I need, and will work harder for it.

Hot day still, isn’t it?