My life records.

Dec 31, 2016, cloudless clean day, when everybody was saying goodby to each other, my wife’s big aunt from her father went away(my father in law’s big brother’s wife). She was suffered by a kind of lung tumor, critical type, but went away peacefully. She was thin and short, a […]

Goodbye, big aunt

So manny things happened in 2016, good things, bad things, happy things, sad things, and I was busy in my own so called “The most comfortable state of mind”, but I was cheating myself actually. Now, 2017 is approaching, new year brings with it new opportunities and excuses to make […]

New year, new starts, new beginnings

August 20, a cloudless sunny summer day, PM2.5 35, a very clear and clean day considering we are living in China, in Shanghai. 7 am of that bright day, a little angel came to our life. and, today, we named her 韦曦. 曦 means dawn in Chinese, and because her […]

Little angel falled to our home

Big uncle, my father in law’s big brother, passed away the day before yesterday, after his eighty three’s birthday. He was known as a teacher, and vegetable farmer in his late twenty years. He was a energetic, healthy man, until one day he got a stroke when he was winning […]

Goodbye, my big uncle

Last month, just before the long holiday, a tumor was found in Mom’s throat(Says Thyroid Cancer). Early in this month, we got the test result which telling “it’s not a bad tumor”, however, suggestion from the doctor was, better to get rid of it.So we booked a surgery for it, […]

Mom’s surgery

Mars's bithday party
Had a party at last weekend with Mars and some others former UniSVR Shanghai R&D colleagues. Mars Chen, VP of UniSVR, responsible for CMS series of UniArgus products, my former boss, and a sincere friend. Happen to know he’s paying a visit in Shanghai on business. And last sunday, Mar […]

A small party for former UniSVRers

After went through the hottest summer ever in Shanghai, we finally can have a cool day in this weekend. However, lots of things changed/happened in this hottest season. First, Jane, my niece, went back to hometown right after spent her birthday, she said, it’s too hot. A few days later, […]

August 2013: A time for change