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What is RTSPPlayer?

Once upon a time, a buddy asked me to develop a RTSP streaming player for him in my personal blog forum, http://bbs.rg4.net/thread-13768-1-1.html.

A few days later, I got run over by a motocyle while I was on my way to work. I had to rest at home for days, having nothing to do.

So I decided to start this work.

And after one days hard work, I managed to develop a simple RTSP streaming player for him. By working it at home, I was lack of streaming media to run much test for it.

However, by testing it with my some other Apps, such as EzStreamSvr (http://rg4.net/ezstreamsvr) and EasyIPCam(http://rg4.net/easyipcam),  it passed test on my MiOne(Android 4.0.3) and my wife’s Sumsung 9001(Android 2.3.6).

Hope you’d like it.


经过一天的努力,终于出来一个版本了,但目前只能支持RTP over TCP模式的MPEG4, H.264, MJPEG的视频(由于没有本地设备,RTP over UDP只能去连internet上的,但这个流量实在是我消费不起的,所以就先算了吧)。

本版本在我的手机(小米MiOne,原生Android 4.0.3)以及我老婆的手机(Sumsung 9001,Android 2.3.6)上测试通过。

1. 在家里在下载android源码实在太慢,所以就先不下了,这样也就是说,目前的播放是从NDK callback至Java,由Java来画图的。(最新版本已经可以支持硬解,并用OpenGL ES 2.0来播放视频)。
2. 回头有时间,我看看干脆把这个功能放到全格式播放器里,呵呵。


Where you can get it?

You can download its android version here, or just download from Baidu App, AppChina etc by searching keywords RTSPPlayer.

Bug report & feedback

If you have trouble in using this app, or find any bug of it, please tell me, let me to improve it, your kindness will be thankful. Visit http://bbs.rg4.net/forum-31-1.html for supports, or simply contact me by mailing me: jacky {a} rg4.net

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