Goodbye, big aunt

Dec 31, 2016, cloudless clean day, when everybody was saying goodby to each other, my wife’s big aunt from her father went away(my father in law’s big brother’s wife).
She was suffered by a kind of lung tumor, critical type, but went away peacefully.
She was thin and short, a typical old Chinese woman, a symbol of old day’s woman in 1930’s.
She was an educated woman comparing to most of women in her age who was born at that era of China.
In benefit with her education, she was brilliant, deep minded, you can feel it when she talked to you.
After so many years of hard working, now she finally can rest in the heaven, and now she can be together with big uncle again, live together with each other.
I believe Bodhisattva will bless them like Bodhisattva does.

Goodbye, my big uncle

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