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What is EzStreamSvr?

EzStreamSvr is a RTSP/RTP solution based streaming server which can streaming audio/video through internet. Supports multiple cameras or dual stream for single camera which suitable for different band-width environments. It’s a free ware, and you can use and distribute it as you wish.If you are look for Android version of EzStreamSvr, which I named it as EasyIPCam, you can download it from here. Beaware, EasyIPCam does not support streaming relay.

What can EzStreamSvr do?

Here are the brief functions supported by EzStreamSvr:

    • Video streaming: As an independent streaming/dispatching server, or as a relay for a remote RTSP/RTP video source.
    • Video recording: Recording the videos while streaming, supports most of the popular file containers like MP4/FLV/AVI/MKV/TS.
    • Video preview: Preview the videos on server while streaming to take advantage of in some specified solutions and user scenarios.
    • Supports both RTP over UDP and RTP over TCP.
    • Customized OSD for captured videos from Cameras on the server.

And because it’s a standard RTSP/RTP streaming server, you can view the videos on any players which supports RTSP/RTP. This may make things a lot easier for you if you wants your video to be viewed on different client endpoints, no matter the OS of the endpoint is Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android or iOS, even Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Symbian can be supported too.

Tips of using EzStreamSvr

EzStreamSvr supports three type of video sourcer:
1. Video captured from the cameras(WebCam) on the Server.
Simply open your player using rtsp://IP_ADDRESS/live.sdp.
*IP_ADDRESS: Replace IP_ADDRESS with the real IP address of the EzStreamSvr
2. Video from standard RTSP/RTP based videos, like IP Camera.
Open a url like this, rtsp://IP_ADDRESS/relay.sdp?url=rtsp://
*IP_ADDRESS: Replace ip_addr with the real IP address of the EzStreamSvr
*url parameter string: rtsp://
This url is could be difficult to understand if you are not expert at RTSP/RTP, let’s put it in simple, it’s the URL you need to input to open the stream direct from the video sourcer if you don’t use EzStreamSvr.

3. Video from some popular None-RTSP/RTP DVRs, like Dahua and Hikvision.
Open the video from EzStreamSvr by using url like this, rtsp://IP_ADDRESS/dvr.sdp?ip=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx&port=XXXX&channel=CHANNEL_NUMBER&user=USERID&pass=PASSWORD&devicelib=DEVICE_LIBRARY
*IP_ADDRESS: The IP address of your EzStreamSvr.
*xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx: The IP address of the DVR device.
*XXXX: The port of DVR device. Default port for Dahua device is 37777, and 8000 for Hikvision devices.
*CHANNEL_NUMBER: The channel number of the DVR, from 1 to the max channel number of device
*USERID: User ID for the DVR. Dahua and Hikvision devices’ default user ID are both admin
*PASSWORD: Password for the DVR. Default password for both Dahua and Hikvision device are admin
*DEVICE_LIBRARY: Device library of the DVR. Supports two strings: DH for Dahua devices, HIK for Hikvision devices

By using EzStreamSvr, you can enlarge the live video clients to hundreds, thousands instead of limited 10 or even smaller clients supported by most of the IP Camera or DVR. And you can record the videos as you wish while streaming them to hundreds of clients.

And because it’s a standard RTSP/RTP streaming server, you can view the videos on any players which supports RTSP/RTP. This may make things a lot easier for you if you wants your video to be viewed on different client endpoints, no matter the OS of the endpoint is Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android or iOS, even Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Symbian can be supported too.

Some Players with RTSP/RTP streaming supported

Here are a Standard Players list which passed my test:

    • CorePlayer, which has releases for Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone, BlackBerry, etc. And here are some test installation of CorePlayer(BE NOTICED: some of the releases may not be licensed, you must not use it except for test only purpose)
    • RealPlayer Embedded (Nokia N73): RealPlayer is a standard embedded app on Nokia smartphones.
    • VLC Player: http://www.videolan.org
    • QuickTime Player Professional
    • Android Player (An Android Player provided by HTC for HTC phones)
    • Some other players.

A simple manual for EzStreamSvr

I wrote a manual for EzStreamSvr, however it was long time ago, some contents you find may not be the latest, so just for your reference, and sorry, I don’t have the time to re-write it now, maybe some another day.
1. Manual for Windows version of EzStreamSvr: http://rg4.net/p/ezstreamsvr/EzStreamSvr.For.Windows.Deploy.Guide.doc
2. Manual for Linux version of EzStreamSvr: http://rg4.net/p/ezstreamsvr/EzStreamSvr.For.Linux.Deploy.Guide.doc
3. Manual for EzStreamSvr special release of DSS: http://rg4.net/archives/185.html or http://rg4.net/p/ezstreamsvr/EzStreamSvr.For.DSS.UserMannual.doc

Contact info

Blog: http://rg4.net
Forum: http://bbs.rg4.net/forum-23-1.html
Contact: jacky{at}rg4.net


目前EzStreamSvr可以同时Streaming音频和视频,且支持多个摄像头,及Dual Stream(多码流)功能,是同一个视频源在同一时间内既可以提供适合电脑观看的大解析度的高清的视频,又可以提供适合手机看的小解析度的低码流的视频。


  • 视频分发:也可作为一个独立的分发服务器,来Relay某一远程的标准RTSP/RTP的视频源。
  • 视频录制:在直播(包括Relay)视频的同时,也可以对视频进行录像(录制于EzStreamSvr服务器上)。支持各种主流的容器,如MP4/FLV/AVI/MKV/TS。
  • 视频预览:在直播(包括Relay)视频的同时,可以在服务器上直接对视频进行预览播放。
  • 支持RTP over UDP, RTP over TCP。
  • OSD字幕:支持OSD filter字幕。
  • 视频采集:采集服务器上的视频并进行视频直播(采集部分的多码流功能由于实际用处不大,于3.0版本之后暂停支持)


这 是一个标准的、基于RTP的流媒体服务器,服务器端捕捉第一个USB摄像头的视频,并编码成H.264 or MPEG4的视频,并打包以RTP的协议发送给客户端,可以在任何支持标准RTP的Windows客户端、Linux客户端、Mac客户端、 Windows Mobile手机客户端、Symbian手机客户端浏览实时视频。


1. CorePlayer(包括PC版和各种CorePlayer所支持的手机版:Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone, BlackBerry, etc.)

a. CorePlayer – Windows Mobile 手机版:http://bbs.rg4.net/thread-856-1-1.html

b. CorePlayer – Win32版: http://bbs.rg4.net/thread-6234-1-1.html

2. RealPlayer Embedded版(Nokia N73):诺基亚手机自带

3. VLC(PC版) :http://www.videolan.org

4. QuickTime Player Professional(PC版)

5. Android Player (Android手机内置播放器)



1. Windows标准版:


2. Linux标准版:http://rg4.net/p/ezstreamsvr/EzStreamSvr.For.Linux.Deploy.Guide.doc

3. Windows DSS版安装说明及使用手册请浏览网页:http://rg4.net/archives/185.html或者直接下载完整文档:http://rg4.net/p/ezstreamsvr/EzStreamSvr.For.DSS.UserMannual.doc


一) 采集实时视频并进行音视频直播

视频格式:MPEG-4, H.264

音频格式:AAC, G.711 PCM Alaw/G.711 PCM Mulaw






1. 视频格式:MPEG-4, H.264, Motion JPEG

2. 音频格式:AAC, G.711 PCM Alaw/G.711 PCM Mulaw



  • 1. AVI
  • 2. MP4
  • 3. FLV
  • 4. MKV
  • 5. MPEG2-TS流


1. 从服务器采集音视频,编码后进行分发、录像和实时浏览。
2. 从标准的RTSP/RTP/RTCP的流媒体源接入视频,并进行分发、录像和实时浏览。
3. 从诸如大华,未来也可以支持海康,等任何非标准的媒体源接入视频,并进行分发、录像和实时浏览。



Download EzStreamSvr

  • EzStreamSvr Installation: [wpdm_package id=’1721′]
  • EzStreamSvr green version: [wpdm_package id=’1717′]
  • EzStreamSvr for DSS version: [wpdm_package id=’1718′]

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