EasyIPCam 4

What is EasyIPCam?

Turn your smartphone into an IP Camera?

Yes, EasyIPCam can do this for you. After days of coding, I got this version, it’s rough though, and it supports only Android OS for now, but could be migrated to iOS(Maybe some day in the furture).
Something you need to know before download:
1. You can view the live video on your PC or one another smart phone.
2. Android 2.2 or later. Tested on my M1(XiaoMi) with Android 4.0.3, and my wife’s Sumsung i9001 with Android 2.3.6.
3. To view the video from PC, you need to install a RTSP/RTP streaming video player, such as VLC Player or QuickTime.
4. To view the video from another smart phone, you need to install a RTSP/RTP player on your smart phone(Which you want to view this smart phone’s live video),  this is not so rare if you search into Google Play Store or others Android App Stores, and I provide you an option here, that is my one another Android App: http://rg4.net/rtspplayer.

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Bug report/Feedback

If you have trouble in using this app, or find any bug of it, please tell me, let me to improve it, your kindness will be thankful. Web page: <a href=”http://bbs.rg4.net/forum-31-1.html”>http://bbs.rg4.net/forum-31-1.html</a>, or simply mail me: jacky{at}rg4.net.

Download EasyIPCam

You can download its android version from here: http://rg4.net/p/easyipcam/EasyIPCam.apk, or just download from Baidu App, AppChina etc by searching keywords EasyIPCam.

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