Pray for Taiwan, God bless Taiwan

There is a revolution, A.K.A Sunflower Movement, going on in Taiwan since Mar, 19.

Frankly, I dont know what’s the “exact” appeal of the movement leading by students of Taiwan, cause I’m not a Taiwanese, I’m not living in Taiwan, I don’t have so much informations about it, and I don’t know whether it is the right thing to do to pass the trade pact with China.

However, wherever it wents, I believe its definitely a very very very important monent for Taiwan, maybe it will be THE basis about Taiwan in the century.
Pass it: in years, somebody will be sad, even hurt.
Reject it: in years, somebody will be sad, even hurt, too.

So spill it out if you have your own opinion, support or protest, neither side you choose will be important. Shout out your concerns, what it important is you are living in a demacrocy society, you can do things what I, a Chinese, can’t do.

And as a former employee of UniSVR, a company from Taiwan, sincerely, here I say: Pray for Taiwan, God bless Taiwan.

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