Got a promotion in job level

In the last month, got a promotion in job level, turned from a senior engineer to an expert.

Here I’d like to introduce some backgroud of my job position.

Joined Kedacom in late April, 2013. Position was media(audio/video) processing & control related.

But, because of lots of reasons, Kedacom made a big decision, combined/merged/integrated two different product lines to one, the product line I belonged to was cutted down. It happenned after I joined Kedacom for about 3 monthes.

And short after that, I turned to a new field I’d never got into in my decade and a half programming backgroud, video conference related protocols(H.323, SIP) developping and maintainence. BTW, it was my own choise.

Then it’s a long journey of learning.

Early in the October, there was a big project undergoing, and lucky for me, it ended well, after a week’s hard work, finally got the problem resolved.

Frankly, I did it pretty well all along after I turned to the new field, I got into it quick and efficiency, and I’m proud to say the product schedules never delayed because of my team: protocol team.

And the work in the October was a milestone to me.

But my performance was not rated as excellent in that season, which I was a little sad in the performance review meeting. And I made a childish petty temper in the meeting in my report, as a result, I was kind of humiliated by my own actions, which I’m also sorry for myself, and I’d never do it again.

But finally I got the promotion in job level. Good for me.

And actually, I’m feeling more and more confident in this field, like the periodic feelings in the previous job responsibilities, a feeling of omnipotent in your work.

However, I still wish that I can integrate my skills in video processing to my current job. And I’m still trying. Start with writing a patent about face detection in video conference systems.

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