Step by step to build x265 HEVC library

H.265 definitely is one of the top topics for video and streaming media developers, and H.265 will be one of the key technique for Kedacom’s new VC products(To be released within 2014).
I’m here to share with you a simple guide of start with x265.
As you know, x265 project is also developed by VideoLan Orgnization, same with x264 project, even the x265 APIs are similar to x264 APIs, good for we, isn’t it? Continue reading “Step by step to build x265 HEVC library”


视频会议中,通常音频能力的比较是比较简单的,通常是只是比较一下格式就行了。但是aac系列音频就是一个例外。它有一个复杂的能力表示方式,在交互的时候也不会明确的指明确切的采样率,通道数,而是像264格式一样,给出的是能力的level上限,需要我们去匹配比较。这里简单的介绍一下aac能力,和工作中碰到的问题的总结。 Continue reading “AAC音频能力协商问题”

Re-open EasyRTMP project

Just confirmed that my VPS supports nginx and rtmp yesterday, so I went and digged out my ancient code of EasyRTMP, tried to re-compile it.

Codes of DVR & RTP streams relay mode are lost in my previous disaster of hard disk broken at last year which caused the lost of almost my 10+ years of coding expirence(tragic,isn’t it, so now have two mobile hard disks to backup all my data).
However, the remain code of EasyRTMP worked for captured video from webcam.

The current version supports only video(H.264), not for audio, and now I’ve got my VPS worked for RTMP stream, maybe I will  re-pick it up, and try make it work for both video and audio.

I’ll take it for consideration, but I need time to implement it.

Here is the latest version of EasyRTMP with source code I still have,
You can download it, run it after extracted it, make it start, then open a browser and navigate to

It should work for you, but try not test it long, because my VPS has its limitation in traffic, and bandwidth too, if you want test it long, you should build an nginx + nginx-rtmp-module environemnt for yourself, to do that, you can follow this guild:

A simple guide to start rtmp streaming with nginx

I was once using nginx, nginx-rtmp-module and EasyRTMP( to streaming live video with rtmp mode.

It was just for fun, and I didn’t find a chance to utilize it in work. I suggested it to my boss year ago, but it was turned down, comparing to the works on schedule it was always a minor factor to the products. So one day when I found my disk out of usage, I re-installed my OS without backup any data of the previous working environment. Continue reading “A simple guide to start rtmp streaming with nginx”

Pray for Taiwan, God bless Taiwan

There is a revolution, A.K.A Sunflower Movement, going on in Taiwan since Mar, 19.

Frankly, I dont know what’s the “exact” appeal of the movement leading by students of Taiwan, cause I’m not a Taiwanese, I’m not living in Taiwan, I don’t have so much informations about it, and I don’t know whether it is the right thing to do to pass the trade pact with China.

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New ONVIFPlayer lauched with ONVIF v1.0 & v2.0 supported

I once planned to upgrade my conditional open-sourced project RTSPPlayer( to ONVIFPlayer, which requires a device with ONVIF protocol supported.
However after resigned from UniSVR, I didn't have the oppotunity to access any ONVIF devices.
Lucky me, I got one from one of my former colleague days before, DAEWOO 570C-X10S (79), which is with both ONVIF v1.0 & v2.0 supported. So today I got my ass down before my laptop, and make some improvement for my ONVIFPlayer App.

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