Some news about my job or products I participated in.

Source: Microsoft just demonstrated a meeting room of the future at the company’s Build developer conference. Meeting rooms, conference calls, and meetings in general are usually the stuff of nightmares, but Microsoft is working on prototype hardware that will make meetings a lot easier. Microsoft’s meeting room demonstration is […]

Microsoft’s meeting room of the future is wild

April 1, 2015, a bright sunny day at Shanghai. Today is supposed to be a kidding day, however, not got so much April Fool’s Day news as usual, but an astonishing news, UniSVR is going to shut down the Shanghai office in a month. Sign, lament, or not, UniSVR Shanghai […]

UniSVR is shutting down Shanghai office

Yesterday, got a mail from Google, telling a big announcement about Google Code project, which was started in 2006, and the Google Code service will be shutting down over the coming months, because a lot has changed since 2006, and it’s time to recognize that Google Code’s mission to provide […]

Google Code is shutting down

Oct. 6-9th we had participated in the Taitronics 2014 Electronic Show in Taipei. Taitronics is annual event that promotes the trade between TAIWAN (R.O.C.) and other countries. They Focused on the electronics sector with a special emphasis on the next era of IT generated by cloud computing. It was a […]

[UniSVR] Taitronics 2014 Taipei

EasyRTMP 1
A new release of EasyRTMP has been launched, the major change in this version is: Added a test win32 version of streaming server(nginx) with rtmp and HLS supported to the EasyRTMP project. Try it if you like. Per my local test it seem good than the previous version. My goal […]

New release of EasyRTMP

I once planned to upgrade my conditional open-sourced project RTSPPlayer( to ONVIFPlayer, which requires a device with ONVIF protocol supported. However after resigned from UniSVR, I didn't have the oppotunity to access any ONVIF devices. Lucky me, I got one from one of my former colleague days before, DAEWOO 570C-X10S […]

New ONVIFPlayer lauched with ONVIF v1.0 & v2.0 supported