What is EasyIV?

It’s a learning topic for me. I was once fascinated in image process(base on OpenCV) for years, however, due to the adjustment of company, it was abandoned for a long time. Now I quitted my job, this means I have lots of time for myself, so I decided to put myself into it again. But till now it’s only a plan, a plan for reviewing & learning. I’m not so familiar with ton of algorithms in OpenCV, I can not guarantee I can archive any result of it, but I will try, try my best.

Further more about EasyIV

I will post all EasyIV related learning notes in these places:

My developing forum: http://bbs.rg4.net/forum-31-1.html,

Tags for EasyIV: http://rg4.net/archives/category/lab/easyiv

If you are a programmer who’s interest in image processing & opencv, maybe we can have fun together…

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