UniSVR is shutting down Shanghai office

April 1, 2015, a bright sunny day at Shanghai.
Today is supposed to be a kidding day, however, not got so much April Fool’s Day news as usual, but an astonishing news, UniSVR is going to shut down the Shanghai office in a month.

Sign, lament, or not, UniSVR Shanghai branch will be a history, finally annoncing and revealing the ending of a 15-year-old branch/office, where I participanted along with so much guys/gals there for more than ten years.

Sorry, regret, or not, life should and will go on. I talked with my previous boss, Mars Chen, VP of UniSVR, responsible for product and surveilance product line trategy, just minutes earlier. We did not talk about why, because we all knew it, it’s about business, it’s about life and living, and life always goes on.

Sad, pain, or not, let us all move on. Twelve years ago, the most shocking news was Leslie Cheung(张国荣) left us, it was really sad, and we could do nothing about it. Today, we moved on. One month later, UniSVR Shanghai will be closed, we can do nothing either, we will also move on. Besides this might leave UniSVR a clearer and brighter furture, I’m not saying this because I’m already left UniSVR, but truely from my heart.

And, I do care of UniSVR, although I resigned from UniSVR about two years ago.
I’m still keeping paying close attention to UniSVR.

And, lot’s of things happened in the almost two years.
In the two years, digital surveilance is no longer the tragical product for UniSVR.
In the two years, the bussiness in China mainland was keeping shrinking.
In the two years, lot’s of key employees left, new one came and left.
In the two years, developing work of IoT product, which is considered as the furture of UniSVR, was transfered from Shanghai to Beijing and Hsinchu.
Most importantly, some of us shared our youngness in UniSVR, especially, guys like Michael, Maggie, etc.

And we both knew
In the 15 years, UniSVR was once great not only in the global marketing, but also in China mainland.
In the 15 years, no matter where you sit in the orgnization chart, and no matter he/she worked hard or not, deep down in the heart, every UniSVRer kept fighting for a bright furture for both themself and UniSVR China.

I do feel sorry for myself that I didn’t get a chance to send my best wishes to UniSVR two years ago when I left UniSVR.
Back at that time, I planned myself a lot for the farewell, but the thing is not everything goes as you planned, so I choosed silience, only left a post on my blog, http://rg4.net/archives/455.html.
This time, allow me to speak it sincerely and loudly, God bless UniSVR, wish UniSVR a bright furture.

It seems today is even harder than the day I left UniSVR, it’s definitely a sleepless night for me, though I’m not know what I am thinking about, writing about.

[UniSVR] Taitronics 2014 Taipei

Oct. 6-9th we had participated in the Taitronics 2014 Electronic Show in Taipei. Taitronics is annual event that promotes the trade between TAIWAN (R.O.C.) and other countries. They Focused on the electronics sector with a special emphasis on the next era of IT generated by cloud computing. It was a pleasure meeting others in the industry, we had a lot of fun!


[UniSVR] Attending the 2015 CES at Las Vegas

CES2015_LARGE_unisvrAre you as excited as we are!!?? We can’t wait to show you what we have to offer!! Las Vegas has played host to the International CES since 1978. We are expecting another FULL HOUSE! Packed with new tech, crazy ideas and innovations, you better make sure that you are registered, hotels/shows booked and ready to rock the revenue!

Not too sure where/how to track us down at the CES event!? No worries, simply follow the link here:http://ces15.mapyourshow.com/6_0/exhibitor/exhibitor-details.cfm?ExhID=T0003005
or try out the new CES app to better navigate the showces2015map


Lastest info about UniGate IOT Controller

Yesterday, I got to know that the UniGate is promoted to be one of the major products for UniSVR when I talked with a former colleague from UniSVR.

It’s really a good thing to know. As what I always say, I have a good faith in the UniGate and IOT field.

Keep fighting! Looking forward to it.

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[UniSVR]Cloud Product and Service Demonstration to our visitors!

Although left UniSVR for a year, yet proud to say, I had particapted in this product, and played a role in this great product. For more informations, please visit: http://hermesdds.blogspot.tw

UniSVR (HermesDDS supporting company) has a group of visitors on July 10th.  It was our pleasure to have them visiting and learning more about our product and services. Continue reading “[UniSVR]Cloud Product and Service Demonstration to our visitors!”

Pray for Taiwan, God bless Taiwan

There is a revolution, A.K.A Sunflower Movement, going on in Taiwan since Mar, 19.

Frankly, I dont know what’s the “exact” appeal of the movement leading by students of Taiwan, cause I’m not a Taiwanese, I’m not living in Taiwan, I don’t have so much informations about it, and I don’t know whether it is the right thing to do to pass the trade pact with China.

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A small party for former UniSVRers

Had a party at last weekend with Mars and some others former UniSVR Shanghai R&D colleagues.

Mars Chen, VP of UniSVR, responsible for CMS series of UniArgus products, my former boss, and a sincere friend. Happen to know he’s paying a visit in Shanghai on business. And last sunday, Mar 23, was his 50-year-old birthday. So I put some call to some former R&D colleagues to hold a small party for him.
Left UniSVR as we’ve been, we are UniSVRer still, and UniSVRer forever. Happy bithday to you, my dear friend. And it was so nice to see all the colleagues again, brought up so much sweet memories, and jokes.

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【癮APP】免費便宜好用就是王道!? 即時通訊軟體App才不吃你那



今天小編要評測一款由國內廠商(優網通)所開發的 App- eLook Mobile Cam ,從官網的說明我們可以得知,這款App主要的功能就是可以將您的手機變成網路攝影機,即時將影像傳輸回家中電腦儲存,並分享給親朋好友觀賞。

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優網通打造系統整合平台 推動網電腦商機



隨著個人電腦、區域和網際網路的普及,及資訊技術的不斷進步,區域網路應用也從Client-Server的概念 進入更高的Client-Server- Device層次。使用者開始希望能將各種類型的設備,例如驅動器、感應器等非典型資訊設備,一併連接至區域網路中,建立起多功能的家用、商用物聯網。

優網通 (UniSVR)董事長楊秉禾掌握此先機,率先提出具有廣泛應用模式的「網電腦」概念,標榜讓用戶能隨時隨地、輕鬆地經由寬頻網路操作各項設備,有效率地管理、分享各類型資訊。

優 網通「網電腦系統」概念即是強調將一般採用Android作業系統主機(PC、NB、平板電腦、智慧型手機、智慧型電視)升級為網電腦主機,藉由該公司 UniArgusNoD(Network-of-Device)系統整合平台及其他搭配型轉接模組軟體,將周邊設備接口經由有線或無線區域網路串連為一 體。

透過網路進而快速在各設備串聯,打破過去電腦周邊設備廠牌、型號、類別、接口數目,以及串連距離上的限制,並整合各方的訊息格式、操 作介面、資料庫、硬 體,成功架構出具經濟效益、高自主性的多功網路用系統。優網統基於「網電腦」概念所推出的UniArgus NoD系統平台具多項特色。

UniArgus NoD採用模組化架構,可階段性提升產品性能,並持續改善與維護系統可靠度。此外,它的介面具開放性,可與Windows、Android、iOS用戶端 設備聯接,不同過去嵌入式系統商的封閉性軟硬體平台,因此能局部客製化或外加模組,有助於後續更大規模的開發應用。



優網通免費體驗雲端生活 限量新光禮券贈送


【台北訊】優網通(UniSVR)公司推出免費私人雲端電腦解決方案,僅需安裝Athena Gateway for File Transfer檔案分享軟體,並搭配HermesDDS雲端服務即可體驗私有雲端應用便利性,目前除有1年免費試用外,還有新光三越禮券贈送。

針對雲端各項應用趨勢推出完整解決方案的優網通公司,以HermesDDS Service為技術核心,不需過去繁瑣防火牆或網路設定,使用者以直覺化操作進行各設備聯網;設備者更能設定、限制分享對象,密碼資訊在傳送前都經過加密,提供完善安全機制。

即 日起至1月24日前,僅需到HermesDDS網站註冊免費會員,利用產品註冊序號(Lh335-CENos-7514Q-S7451)至序號註冊區,註 冊個人Athena GW-f雲端服務,並至軟體區下載Athena Gateway for File Transfer,即可免費試用1年雲端服務。

這組序號在期限內可無限次註冊Athena GW-f服務,方便邀請親戚好友免費加入優網通會員,建立分享檔案聯絡名單外,更可利用序號註冊,建立私人雲端分享器,快速體驗雲端電腦的便利與魅力。

優網通除提供Athena GW-f體驗外,還推出多款資源分享實用軟體。例如透過Athena GW-p軟體,即使不在家中或辦公室中的特定印表機附近,也能透過HermesDDS服務,輕鬆地將該印表機轉變為雲端印表機,隨時隨地雲端操控進行列印工作。


With UniSVR’s PC-on-PC, your PC is not just a PC.

Do you have the need to share information on the net but don’t know how to make it more efficiently? UniSVR Global Information Technology Corporation has just launched its latest PC-on-PC private cloud solution. With the cutting-edge cloud-end service and various software, you can transfer and print out your files, share images from IP cameras, and control your home appliance anytime and anywhere! Please join us and enjoy the most convenient cloud-end lifestyle. Free-trial is time-limited!
You can go to HermesDDS Member Service Portal http://hermesdds.com to register for free. Register your HermesDDS Service of PC-on-PC with the registration serial number below. You may download PC-on-PC software on http://www.unisvr.net/download.asp and manual on http://www.unisvr.net/download_doc.asp.
If you are interested in purchasing IP cameras or Bluetooth switches, you may go to IPCam Mall http://www.ipcammall.com/Home/ to choose the products which most satisfy your needs!
Free PC-on-PC Registration Number: Rg333-otONg-1953Y-J81I1 (Valid from 2013/1/24~3/24)
您有各類網路資源分享的需求,卻不知道該從何下手嗎?優網通(UniSVR)國際資訊股份有限公司推出的PC-on-PC個人私雲全面解決方案,透過最先 進的雲端服務及各項軟體,讓您可以隨時隨地傳輸檔案、操控印表機、分享攝影機影像及控制家電開關,即刻享受最便利的雲端事務及居家生活。免費限期試用活動 實施中!產品價值60美元/年!!
您只需至HermesDDS網站http://tw.hermesdds.com/index.asp免費註冊,利用下方的產品註冊序號至「序號註冊」區註冊您的HermesDDS PC-on-PC雲端服務,並至優網通網站的「軟體下載區」http://www.unisvr.net.tw/download.asp下載PC-on-PC軟體,即可免費使用雲端服務一年。若您需要進一步的產品使用說明,可至優網通網站的「軟體參考手冊」區http://www.unisvr.net.tw/download_doc.asp下載相關使用手冊。
若您想要購買IP攝影機或藍芽開關等設備,歡迎您至網路數位監控設備專業購物網站IPCam Mall http://www.ipcammall.com/Home/選購最合適的硬體產品哦!
免費產品註冊序號: Rg333-otONg-1953Y-J81I1 (有效期限:2013/1/24~3/24)