Great news from Cisco: Cisco will open open-source their H.264 codec, and make H.264 free for use in WebRTC. Here are the details, which came from blogs of Cisco by Rowan Trollope: ——————————————— When it comes to making collaboration technology such as high-definition video open and broadly available, it’s clear […]

Open-Sourced H.264 Removes Barriers to WebRTC

EasyRTMP - 基于RTMP H.264的视频监控平台
  一直在搞视频监控系统,既然可以支持RTMP,为什么不做 一个基于RTMP的视频监控系统呢?所以我想,闲着也是闲着,就在EasyRTMP的基础上搞了这么一个东西,把大华的8路 H.264硬件压缩卡采集数据,用RTMP流发布,这样就可以让视频监控的客户端也无需安装任何插件,兼容所有Flash播放器平台。CentOS实现, 在ATOM CPU + 1G内存上完全不卡, 整机功耗只有30W。 更多关于EasyRTMP的介绍可浏览网页:http://rg4.net/easyrtmp

EasyRTMP – 基于RTMP H.264的视频监控平台