Finished my studies in USTC

Last weekend, from May 15 to May 17, I took a train to Hefei along with more than thirty classmates,
to attend the desertation defence, the final phase of the postgraduate study.

Those were really busy days for all of us, there were so much forms and paper works for
documentations and files waiting for us to fill, to print, to get them signed, to be sealed,
not to mention most of us still need to prepare and modify our defence PPT.

Most of the paper works were supposed to be done before we went to Hefei, so, frankly, I think that
our class teacher in Shanghai, who’s responsible only for the documentations, did not do her job well,
but nothing was.

Well, now it’s over, let the bygones be bygones, here I want to say I’m really happy that I passed the defence.
and also really sorry for those who didn’t get through the defence. Those professors were really tough, about 25% ~ 30% of us didn’t survive the defence, :'(

Here are some pictures shoot in the USTC.

Paper proposals, and my first visit to USTC

It was Jan 11 to Jan 12, the day for my paper proposals. I had got a really bad cough, but managed to get my ass to Hefei, Anhui. Thanks lucy, it was she who accompanied me to the train station, 6 am, early before dawn. Maybe it was all because of that, I got my proposal passed, XDXD.

My proposal was about something I’d done in my previous company, which is OpenCV related. Revisions after revisions, I narrowed the topic to face detect (and related) algorithms only by my tutor’s suggestion. Continue reading “Paper proposals, and my first visit to USTC”

My Curriculum design report for HCI: Heuristic Evaluation

As a close exam for HCI(Human-computer interaction) course, We are required to submit a curriculum design report about heuristic evaluation.

I must admit it was difficult for me to write this paper, having no idea what the standard format or standard protocol for such kind of papers.

There once was another paper which was data mining related (You can visit it here:, lectured by professor Zhu, who provided us a standard way to research into data mining, and told us how to write a paper about data-mining.

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One last course of the Postgraduate courses

This weekend, we'll have our last course,Electronic information retrieval and utilization. As a close course for the post-graduate students, the major purpuse and the job is to serve the incoming degree thesis.

Today, however, lots of the student, as usual, choosed to play truant. Nevertheless, I went.

Good to begin well, better to end well. It's an end for the classroom instruction, and I wish I can have a well end, even I really don't so intrested in it.

Tomorow will be the last day of for the class, keep going.


Rest courses arrangement(final version)

Due to unknown reason, the course schedule changed again.
I’d say this is really bad, cause everyone knows that students applying for On-the-job degree are busy dealing with both work and study, we have schedules, not only for the courses, but only for jobs.

We prefer a stable schedule. However, plan changes, whatever the plan is, and like it or not.

Here are the last two courses for me:
1. 人机界面技术
人机交互:以用户为中的设计和评估,董建明 等编著,清华大学出版社,2007年
郑全 40/2 课堂授课 11月16,17 23,24

2. 信息检索

电子信息检索与利用 机械工业出版社 作者:刘绿茵
康宇副教授 20/1 课堂授课 12月7,8日



Finished my last degree course

Really happy that I’ve finished my last degree course, Software Project Management. Cost of this exam is I missed my first and also the biggest and most important event of my employer in the year.

There are still 5 more required/compulsory courses, that those will be:
a. Software Architecture & Design Pattern(《软件体系结构与设计模式》)
b. Software Quality Assurance and Testing(软件质量保证与测试)
c. Intellectual property rights(知识产权)
d. Discrete mathematics and combinatorial mathematics Intellectual Property(离散数学和组合数学)
e. Information retrieval(信息检索)

There are way to go, however, I finally can put more energy to my work.

Here is the exercises for SPM course: software project management.

and latest version of courses schedule: ustc.course.schedule

Just finished the MSE entrance exam of USTC. Hooray!!

After weeks of learning, finally I finished the entrance exam. The result will be revealed soon, maybe one and a half monthes later.

I was told not to be worry about the exam, now I’m sure, :D. Yeah!!!

But there are courses still remain to be attended.

Here are the rest courses & schedules:








教材:《面向对象软件工程》,Stephen R. Schach著,黄林鹏、徐小辉等译,机械工业出版社,2008版。




5月4,5 11,12 25,26


教材:《软件项目管理案例教程》(第2版)韩万江,蒋立新著 机械工业出版社,2010年




6月 15,16 22,23






7月6,7 13,14


知识产权基础教程 清华大学出版社 作者:王兵






电子信息检索与利用 机械工业出版社作者:刘绿茵






人机交互:以用户为中的设计和评估,董建明 等编著,清华大学出版社,2007年






教材:《设计模式:可复用面向对象软件的基础》,作者:Erich Gamma 等 翻译:李英军等 机械工业出版社2007年版




8月31, 9月1 , 7,8 14,15



清华大学出版社 2007.9




After all the courses are over, and passed, then comes with the biggest event, The Thesis. However, I can arrange my time more freely then.

Can’t wait to that.

Coming event: entrance examination for postgraduate (May 26, 2013)

Finaly, it’s coming, after postponed for over 6 months. There will be three courses:

  1. Advanced Mathematics
  2. English
  3. Specialized course

And the preparations courses started at last weekend, I’m busy preparing for it now, although I don’t think it’ll be a problem for me after these monthes of study.

But still it’s an event I can not let down of my guard, I’d draw enough attention about it.





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