Last weekend, from May 15 to May 17, I took a train to Hefei along with more than thirty classmates, to attend the desertation defence, the final phase of the postgraduate study. Those were really busy days for all of us, there were so much forms and paper works for […]

Finished my studies in USTC

Due to unknown reason, the course schedule changed again. I’d say this is really bad, cause everyone knows that students applying for On-the-job degree are busy dealing with both work and study, we have schedules, not only for the courses, but only for jobs. We prefer a stable schedule. However, […]

Rest courses arrangement(final version)

Really happy that I’ve finished my last degree course, Software Project Management. Cost of this exam is I missed my first and also the biggest and most important event of my employer in the year. There are still 5 more required/compulsory courses, that those will be: a. Software Architecture & […]

Finished my last degree course

一个激动人心的时刻:我虽然在中科大上了半年多的课,但一直是属于“跟读一族”,因为还没有参加并通过入学考试。今天收到消息说我们这一届学生马上要开始入学考试了,现在报名。 以下是来自中科大的官方通告: