Mom’s surgery

Last month, just before the long holiday, a tumor was found in Mom’s throat(Says Thyroid Cancer).

Early in this month, we got the test result which telling “it’s not a bad tumor”, however, suggestion from the doctor was, better to get rid of it.So we booked a surgery for it, but need time to wait.

The day before yesterday, got a phone call from the hospital, that the surgery apply was accepted.

In fact, we were so worried ever since the tumor was found, but appearently, not as mom’s:

Yesterday, she sent a 2000 RMB Red envelope within to the doctor who’ll charge the surgery when she went to the hospital for check in.

That was a really ridiculous thing to me when mom told me she’d attend to. We would all laugh at that. But the thing was, the doctor actually accepted it. Well, well, well…

Good thing is, mom will not have to worry any other extra things about all the rest surgery arrangement after all.

Bad thing is, this really destroyed my belief in Doctor now.

Anyway, that’s not the point, my wish here is may we a Good luck. Fighting!

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