August 2013: A time for change

After went through the hottest summer ever in Shanghai, we finally can have a cool day in this weekend.
However, lots of things changed/happened in this hottest season.
First, Jane, my niece, went back to hometown right after spent her birthday, she said, it’s too hot.
A few days later, a colleague who was responsible for H.323 stack/protocols (including H.225, H.245, Q.931, T.120, H.460,

H.235, H.239, Gateway, Gatekeeper, proxy modules, SIP/H.323 interworking modules, and more) got himself resigned, saying,

it’s really riley working on days like this. I know it’s a joke, he got a great new job, congratulations to him. But along

with my congratulations, I must say it’s really bad to me, because it’ll be me who take over his jobs which appearantly

have too much issues in it, here are the situations:

1. There once were 7 peaples working on H.323 stack team, he was the last one quitted.
2. He was only responsible for H.225 & H.245 protocols in the most of times.
3. It has been only 3 monthes after the other team members quit, and he took over all the others jobs, not even got to know

what he took over (As I listed, what he responsibled for is only a few part of the team’s job).
4. Now he’s passing them to me…
5. After I checked the defect/bug lists, and reached into the codes, I found out tons of confusing codes which could

misread, in architecture/framework level, in working flow level, and in coding level.
6. Then I turned to the managers trying to get some documents relevant, but got a simple and loud answer, NO.
7. …

Actually, when the former colleague quit, my boss told me that H.323 stack team need to rebuild, or send it away to other

teams, if no one would take it, he’ll take it over himself. But, I told hime, I can take it. So, yes, I asked it for myself

before knowing how what it is.

And I suspended all my researches for now, and trying to get myself into the whole bench of the new jobs, to maintain the full H.323 stack/protocols.

So yes, it’s a change time for me too.

I feel sorry for myself being so rude to rush into these stuff, but I also see a chance in it. Wish me good luck, and I need, and will work harder for it.

Hot day still, isn’t it?

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