Had a fever: Prescriptions in China

Last Wendsday, as usually, I could not fall into sleep at night before two and half AM at Fridays. When I got up at morning, about seven, I felt like I’ve got a cold,

a bad one, however I thought I may get through it, because this happens.
However, when I finally got in the office, breathing the air in the office, I felt really baddddd, after made a few work arrangements, I decided to ask a day off and get back home to have some rest.
This got worse when I was taking the metro, so I asked my mother to take a ride for me at the metro stop. When I got home, It was about 1 PM.
I wished it’ll go away if I have more sleep, so I had a nap after had my lunch, a bowl of noodles. But after I woke up, I feeling still getting worse, my body temperature(Axillary temperature) ran up to 39.5(temperature tested in the hospital 39 degrees).

So I asked my mother to call Lucy to back home to take me to the hospital. Then story began.

It was about 6 PM.
The hospital is the nearest one to my home, Tongji Hospital.
My head was so hurt that I could bearly to breath not to mention to talk.
The doctor was about 40 years old, what he talked to me were:
1. When did this begin?
2. Do I cough?
3. Do I smoke? How often?

Then, told me no more smoking, and wrote blood test note for me, and passed.

My blood test was bad, but just like you, I don’t know what those blood indexes means. The doctor told me and my wife it was caused by virus, and told us to “drink more waters, do not be dehydrated”, together with it was the prescription:
two intravenous drips. No drugs, no pills, IV drip only, a really fashion way/prescription from Chinese doctors.

After hours, I finished the two big bottles of drips, but did not feel any better, yet.
So Lucy went to the doctor, asking him why and what to do, the doctor said, dont rush, take it easy.

And, the next day, and the day after next day, I still got the same prescription: IV DRIP. Nevertheless, almost everyone, youth or old, man or woman, went to the hospital, got the same prescription….

I wonder if the Chinese doctor can write prescriptions without drip. And that why I so hate to see a doctor. I believe pills or doctors are only for urgent, critial time. We actually can make through a fever, a cold ourself for most of time. It is the right way, and it is the healthy way.


  • This fever cost me RMB 700 +.
  • For the record, I believe, I’ve drunk more water at home in these days than in my last year.


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