Goodbye, my big uncle

Big uncle, my father in law’s big brother, passed away the day before yesterday, after his eighty three’s birthday. He was known as a teacher, and vegetable farmer in his late twenty years. He was a energetic, healthy man, until one day he got a stroke when he was winning a set of Mahjong, a big surprise.

After that, he stayed most of his days in the hospital.

So, big surprise is not a good thing sometimes, especially for an aged people.

My last visit to him was during the Spring Festival, back at that time, he was at home for the Chinese New Year after more than one year’s treatment at the hospital. At that day, he was concious clear, and minded, although breathing through an Oxygen tube.

So, when I heard of the news of his passing away, I was astonished.

It definitely is not a good news.

Now he left us, I’m hereby his side, sending my best wishes, may he rest inanother side, may he have peace in heaven.

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