ONVIFPlayer 3

What is ONVIFPlayer?

A really simple player for ONVIF devices. It is an extention version of RTSPPlayer, which can play ONVIF device’s video by input device IP/port/userid/password only. And if your device does not supports ONVIF, but it’s streaming protocol is RTSP + RTP, this app would work too, the only thing is you need to input two more parameters, they are RTSP streaming port(normally it would be 554 or 8554), and RTSP url, just like this:


ONVIFPlayer is currently only supports Windows, somehow someday I will port it too Android and iOS.

Where you can get it?

You can download it here.

Bug report & feedback

If you have trouble in using this app, or find any bug of it, please tell me, let me to improve it, your kindness will be thankful. Visit http://bbs.rg4.net/forum-31-1.html for supports, or simply contact me by mailing me: jacky {a} rg4.net

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