July 2014: Why LeBron left Miami and back for Cleveland?

July, 2014, there was two big events to me in sport.

World Cup, and LeBron’s leaving decision before the final game of World Cup.

What I want say here is about LeBron’s New decision. There is a Chinese Saying, 好马不吃回头草(The good horse does not keep resuming things given up), IMO, which is exact what LBJ is doing.

Most critics are focused on the financial benefits for LBJ. But I believe that’s not all.

Left Miami, it benefits him financially, sure it’s true. However, for Cleveland. There must be reasons except Cleveland has the money.
In my opinion, it’s his home, and back there he was the one and only one who was the boss of the locker room, and in the coming seasons, he still will be.

I’m here not saying that LBJ is not a team player. He is. But Wade will always be the biggest boss over there.

I’m not saying he was not happy in Miami, but I’m sure he was not as happy as he was at Cleveland years ago.

And no one will question his desire for the Ring, it’s everyone’s goal, everyone wants it. But if we make it as a simple man’s confusion about career and life, then everything could also be different.

Everyone wishes a great career, but great career does not always along with a happy life.

So it could also be a choose about happy life and great career.

1. In Miami, LBJ has a better chance to win more Rings, but great career may need you to sacrifice some happiness in life, in working, in finance.
2. In Cleveland, LBJ can improve in both happiness and finance, but in play-off he will encounter more difficulties than in Miami, but everyone knows everything could happen in play-off, so he still has a good chance, if he got more help in this summer, like Kevin Love.
3. Most importantly, LBJ is only 29 now, he still have a good chance to win a big contract in 2016, which could lead to both happiness and Ring(s).

So, it’s about live what kind of a life.

To this, LBJ, you have my vote on this. 好马不吃回头草 it is, live whatever life you want.


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