Human Activity Recognition Using Smartphones Data Set


Download: Data Folder, Data Set DescriptionAbstract: Human Activity Recognition database built from the recordings of 30 subjects performing activities of daily living (ADL) while carrying a waist-mounted smartphone with embedded inertial sensors.
Data Set Characteristics:   Multivariate, Time-Series Number of Instances: 10299 Area: Computer
Attribute Characteristics: N/A Number of Attributes: 561 Date Donated 2012-12-10
Associated Tasks: Classification, Clustering Missing Values? N/A Number of Web Hits: 33493


Jorge L. Reyes-Ortiz, Davide Anguita, Alessandro Ghio, Luca Oneto.
Smartlab – Non Linear Complex Systems Laboratory
DITEN – Università degli Studi di Genova, Genoa I-16145, Italy.
activityrecognition ‘@’

Data Set Information:

The experiments have been carried out with a group of 30 volunteers within an age bracket of 19-48 years. Each person performed six activities (WALKING, WALKING_UPSTAIRS, WALKING_DOWNSTAIRS, SITTING, STANDING, LAYING) wearing a smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S II) on the waist. Using its embedded accelerometer and gyroscope, we captured 3-axial linear acceleration and 3-axial angular velocity at a constant rate of 50Hz. The experiments have been video-recorded to label the data manually. The obtained dataset has been randomly partitioned into two sets, where 70% of the volunteers was selected for generating the training data and 30% the test data.

The sensor signals (accelerometer and gyroscope) were pre-processed by applying noise filters and then sampled in fixed-width sliding windows of 2.56 sec and 50% overlap (128 readings/window). The sensor acceleration signal, which has gravitational and body motion components, was separated using a Butterworth low-pass filter into body acceleration and gravity. The gravitational force is assumed to have only low frequency components, therefore a filter with 0.3 Hz cutoff frequency was used. From each window, a vector of features was obtained by calculating variables from the time and frequency domain.

Check the README.txt file for further details about this dataset.

Attribute Information:

For each record in the dataset it is provided:
– Triaxial acceleration from the accelerometer (total acceleration) and the estimated body acceleration.
– Triaxial Angular velocity from the gyroscope.
– A 561-feature vector with time and frequency domain variables.
– Its activity label.
– An identifier of the subject who carried out the experiment.

Relevant Papers:


Citation Request:

[1] Davide Anguita, Alessandro Ghio, Luca Oneto, Xavier Parra and Jorge L. Reyes-Ortiz. Human Activity Recognition on Smartphones using a Multiclass Hardware-Friendly Support Vector Machine. International Workshop of Ambient Assisted Living (IWAAL 2012). Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. Dec 2012

EzStreamSvr version update

This version is rebuilt by using the source code recovered from the backup svn repository(I’d encountered with a hard disk collapse a year ago, and lost almost all my data). This means this version has some known bugs, and some new features once EzStreamSvr had are no more supported. But I will try re-code for it if I can recall. EzStreamSvr had not been maintained for at least over one year(Either some other windows applications provided by RG4.NET), because I don’t have the time, but now I quitted my job, so I have plenties of free times before I go to the new company, I wish I can make some improvement for these applications, including the open-source project EasyRTMP.

Back to the agenda, the known change about this version of EzStreamSvr is only I removed the license module from EzStreamSvr, so you can use this version as long as you want.

But please do help me to improve it if you are using it, mail me if you find any bugs, tell me if you believe that there’s anything wrong.


其实关于新版VLC无法看RTSP的视频的问题早在很久之前就已经有人跟我提过了,而我写的EzStreamSvrEasyIPCam都是用RTSP来streaming 视频的,因此又有一些朋友来把这个问题反馈回来给我,为以省去更多的口舌,特将此问题整理如下: Continue reading “关于新版VLC无法看RTSP的视频的问题”

Migrating RG4.NET from DedeCMS to WordPress

Actually the first version of RG4.NET was using wordpress as my blog app, but it’s templets are really hard to maintain for myself comparing to DedeCMS, so a year before, I migrated RG4.NET to DedeCMS. But as time goes by, I changed my mind, I think RG4.NET should be a simple, pure blog rather than a complex web site.

So I migrated it DedeCMS to WordPress yesterday. Hope you’d like it. The only thing that matters now is I don’t know how to add a software download module for the new blog. But I can live with that. LOL

BTW: The new RG4.NET blog will preserve a English-Chinese-mixed-up mode. but I will try write more English blogs later.




罢了。 Continue reading “EasyRTMP开源了”

March, 2013: Ignorance is bliss

Just as the title I posted, words of this month is “Ignorance is bliss

For all kinds of reasons, I submitted my job quit request earlier in this month, so this month is meant to be a big month in my life. Till now, I dont know what to say. All I can tell you is there are too much feelings beneath. I really appreciated for the over eleven years’ journal in my life, most of the colleagues are just like family to me, we work together, fight together, share everything with each other.

But still there are peoples who prefer a different work-style from yours, who’s also you must deal with from time to time. The bad thing is I got too much “hearsays”(Fact things rather than rumors), and later in this month, I even picked up a big fight with Janny, an old woman who’s in charge of Shanghai office’s administration, after my quitting has been confirmed. How sad? It’s the only fight I’ve ever involved in for decades(I can not recall the last fight).

I was not in the mood that day, and I’m really not a big fan of her, because for some bad things she have done before. So when she asked me to hand over something I dont have again and again, I shouted you never gave that to me. After a few minutes, some really mean words, like curse you to death, came out of her mouth, I was completely pissed, so …

Now this thing has been gone for days, I calmed myself down, trying to find out where/when I went wrong. I dont know for sure, but the most appropriate answer would be, I knew too much things !

If I dont know anything, I will not offence her, and she will not see me as a rock in her way.

So, today I finally find out my biggest weakness, that is I can not pretend to be knowing nothing when I knew lots of things. And I wish I can learn from this lesson.

Because we are here in this world to make friends, even he/she is not stand as your friends.

Yearly summary of 2012

I lost all my documents in the last year because of the hard disk damaged and can not be repaired and recovered, and I was busy attending weddings/birthday parties in the end of the year and the spring festival holiday when I was supposed to be writing the yearly summary document, so as a result turned out, I have only a week-end to prepare it.

It’s not including lot of thoughts and feelings I wished to express, but somehow someday I will make some fix and make it more comprehensive and full covered.


1 2012年综述3
2 本年度的主要研发工作回顾… 3
2.1 Hermes DSS. 3
2.2 UniArgus Express4
2.3 CMS/CVS/CMS 2.3b. 4
2.4 UA Linux(iNVR/e-Look)… 4
2.5 Android SDK.. 5
2.6 Others5
3 部门总结… 5
3.1 人事相关… 5
3.2 部门内的协调与沟通… 5
3.3 部门间沟通… 6
4 个人总结… 6
4.1 UniArgus 相关开发… 7
4.2 服务和协助部门员工… 7
5 UniArgus 阶段性回顾与思考… 8
5.1 Streaming Media分发及稳定性… 8
5.2 ASIO架构下Random crash的问题… 9
5.3 独立的epoll socket module的实现… 9
5.4 改善Server功能逻辑流程… 9
5.5 通用设备… 10
5.6 Android/iOS SDK.. 10
6 寄语2013. 10

Record of life: February, 2013

Lowest in the productivity, the only thing has been done is my yearly summary of 2012.

This month was definitely a short month, because I only worked about 2 weeks in this month. so, as a result turned out, I almost “archived nothing”, but my research topic switched several times:

First one is independent epoll module(to replace boost ASIO), this lasts a few days, then a new order came from HQ, we must take care of the android hardware decode/encode codec(base on libstagefright), and I did some dig into the android kernel & source code, about a week or more days later, when I was still obsessed with android, another new order came from HQ: we are facing with a huge pressure from sales team for the delay of Hermes series products, with means I must turn to STUN enhance for Hermes cloud service.

The only thing has been done is my yearly summary of 2012(I will post it on the blog later)

But what I must say is I learned a lot in these jobs, although I did not produce any products/library/excuatable components, instead of archived nothing . Right now, I’m planning to arrange some documents for these research topics.

This month was definitely a long month. I was absensed for 4 days before the holiday came, so I have a 11-day-long holiday this time, by attending wedding, a 80-year-old birthday, a 50-year-old birthday…

But, I don’t know what I was doing in my holiday, however. I was confused with why I feel so exhausted when I goes back to my home-town every time, I was confused with I aged one more year.

Record of life: January, 2013

Coming the 2013, along with the year of destiny, embrace it.

Finaly, we stepped into 2013, and I will be 36 in this year, which to a Chinese is a year of destiny(本命年).
The end of the world is not coming as scheduled, so we must move on, keep working, keep exercising, keep attending exams, keep wondering.

Keep working.
Like it or not, we need to do things we suppose to do. e.g Hermes. I don’t like Hermes, not because I’m not sure the future of Hermes or cloud computing, cause everyone knows it. I dont like it only because I dont feel I can take all control of it, even can not take full control of the source code, which I really hate.

Keep exercising, keep attending exams.
We started “the design and analysis of algorithms” course in the last month, it’s a hard course. and the professor is hard too. He left us lots of exercises every weekend. I should say I’ve never ever done so much exercises in my life, every topic took me hours even days to finish it.
And lucky for me, when the exam came, I can say that my hard work paid off. what a relief, XDXD.
BTW: As a senior programmer who has over ten years of programming experience, my job doesnt involve algorithms. IMHO, this is not only happenning to me, but most of the students either. So what I should say is:
1. It’s a great course.
2. It’s not so much practical to lots peaples real life/working.

Keep wondering.
There is a big state-owned company called me and invited me to join them. The job is challenging, which I like (GPU related), and the pay is good. But the thing is the location of the company is really far away from my home. It’ll cost me 2.5 hours to get to the office, and that means I will spend about 5 hours everyday on my way. That really sucks me.
So what should I do?

I still playing badminton in this month, though I was not playing in every week of this month.

什么人最有钱?Who’s the richest one?


由于组织结构及分工等等等等的各种原因,上海研发团队的“周会”并固定每周都开,并且周会的话题也并不仅限于工作中所碰到的各种各样的问题,很多时候我们 谈一些与工作无关的话题。如:怎么看Apple的复兴?什么行业的前景如何?如果你是老板,你带领公司往什么方向走…


这个对帐单的结果是:一个60前花钱抵八个90后。而评论对此的形容是“你 做梦都想不到”,但事实上,这才是一个正常社会中将出现的正常现象,在中国这种发展阶段的国家是这样,在中国这种家庭观念深厚的国家是这样,在发达国家, 家庭观念相对更加淡薄的国家则更是如此:最有消费能力的人永远是中年以后的人,老年人。




支付宝发布2012全民年度对账单 很多数据你做梦都想不到

2012年个人年度对账单出炉之际,支付宝还对去年的全民对账单进行了盘点。哪个地区的网上消费最火爆?哪个地区是后起之秀?手机支付的时代真的来了 吗?除了购物,人们通过网上支付还能干些啥?支付宝的这份年度对账单给出了答案,而一年一度的年度总结,也成为网络经济发展最直接的“晴雨表”和“观星 台”。





2012年四线城市的网上支付用户数增长了64%,网上支付金额增长了68%,均超过了一二线城市。在广东地区,云浮、揭阳、梅州的支付用户增 长都超过了100%。而中沙群岛,西沙群岛和南沙群岛分别有上千名支付宝用户,分别支出了16.79万元、6.52万元和23.23万元。







统计显示,2012年80后的人均网上支出金额是1.4万元,人均购物金额9044元。70后的人均网上支付金额是1.9万元,人均购物金额 1.1万元;60后的人均网上支付金额为1.5万元,人均购物金额1万元;60前的人均网上支付金额则高达3.1万元,人均购物金额就达到1.5万元。而 90后的人均支出金额是3962元,人均购物金额只有3112元。


从人均年消费额这个维度来比较,天蝎男在十二星座的男性当中排名第一,一年人均花掉了14206元;水瓶女在女性中排名第一,人均年消费额为15095元。记者 刘薇 通讯员 陆俊











男人版 女人版

天蝎座 水瓶座

狮子座 天蝎座

摩羯座首次入围   摩羯座

白羊座 处女座

巨蟹座 白羊座首次入围



DY is a man of foresight and vision. But the sad thing is the product which was the topic for that lecture is no longer the major product of the company.
And, DY is right about everything, the vision(IT outsourcing thru internet), the bussiness trends, the strategy of the companies group(an independent ecology), the rising of EDA industry in China, but the sad thing is we still working on our success, even fighting for our survival.

An inspiring lecture

It’s simple and pure, but meaningful. I’d love it.

It comes from kekenet( It’s simple and pure, but meaningful. I’d love it.

When I was a naughty boy, may be because of the influence of the film.”Xiao Bing Zhang Ga”,my dream was to be a soldier just like Zhang Ga. I thought if I was a soldier, I should be able to swim, dive and climb trees as he did. It seemed to be very wonderful. So I began to learn swimming, diving and climbing trees. I practiced every day and finally I could do them well. But when I entered junior high school and had the military training. I suddenly found that being a soldier was very difficult and I wasn't strong enough to bear it . I had to give my dream up.
But I wasn't discouraged, and I had new aim, which was to be a postman, or rather to be a newspaper boy. As a newspaper boy. I could speed along streets on a bike and throw newspapers onto every porch. That's also very cool. So I started learning to ride a bicycle. After the everyday practice, I could go very fast by bicycle. But to my disappointment, the job which I wanted only existed in western counties not in China, because there was no porch in China. And Chinese postmen had to stuff very thick newspapers into very small mailboxes from very narrow entrances. The job was far from what I had expected. So once again my dream fell through.
Perhaps you have had the same experience as I and most of your dreams haven’t come true yet. But I think it doesn’t matter, because if you have a dream, you’ll make many efforts to realize it. This course is really important. If I hadn’t dreamt of being a soldier or a newspaper boy. I wouldn’t have learned to swim, to dive, to climb trees or to ride a bicycle. Even if our dream can’t come true, you’ll learn much from the efforts you have made. So what I want to tell us is that dream helps us to grow up and teaches us how to control our lives . It is dream that gives us power and makes our lives colorful

Record of life: December, 2012

Words of this month: “We can’t always choose our circumstances, but we can choose how we handle them“, from Battlestar Galactica Razor

What makes me feel good:
I’m really happy that I still keeping playing badminton every weekend in this month. Now I can declare it’s the longest aerobic exercise I’ve done ever, and it feels really really good, no more flo, no more fever, even more, I’m finally got my honey’s praise, Yea! XDXD.

What makes me feel bad:
As I mentioned before, I’m studying a postgraduate degree in USTC from Shanghai. But not formally yet, because I still not pass the entrance examination, which supposed to be hold in the next month, I’m only an auditor for now.
What’s the bad is, earlier in this month, my class adviser told me, that the entrance examination will be postponed for months later, maybe six or seven months later. Not sure the root cause of this, new policy from ministry of education?? or they can not get enough students after raise the fee?? whatever it it, the auditor students like me will never be told.
And, It’s a really bad news for the second time(First bad news: As a result of the postponement, they request me to pay for the tuitions now, and can not provider a formal invoice for the fee, only an acquittance.
All these stuffs I encountered make me really sick. WTH is this?? Should I re-consider USTC for my postgraduate degree?? I really wish I can abandon this school, however I’ve already finished two courses here in the latest 3 months, if I choose another university for my degree that means I must spend 3 more months to finish the same courses, even more,  I not sure whether this issue is happening in that university too.

The 3rd event I must mention in this month is the final release date of NVR/iNVR project is delayed once more. As the architect and the also major staff/programmer of this project, I really feel sorry for it. But the thing is we can not control all the situations we meet, like we cost weeks of time in locating & fixing the video lost issue of Panasonic HCM 581, Panasonic ST165 (from two difference OEM manufacturers), which in the end turns out the default limitation of these devices streaming connection is unbelievable low, for example, HCM 581 ‘s streaming connection limitation of 1280×960 with H.264 codec format is only 2.  and this is not the only *unusually* issue the Panasonic series IP Cameras have, there are more, like:
a. Can not switch codec format dynamicly which normally call it as Dual Stream. If you want change streaming video from MPEG-4 to H.264, you must change the device setting first, and reboot the device.
b. Set audio(G.726) as major stream in SDP rather than video.
c. Send VOL/VOP(if the streaming video codec is MPEG-4) only once in the first packet of RTP payload(It is a common implementation for H.264 payload for RTP, but not so common in MPEG-4 payload for RTP).
Certainly Panasonic devices related issue is not the only issue which cause the delay of NVR/iNVR project, we must improve the robustness and compatibility of the system, and this will be a rough & long term task.

The 4th even is about a colleague in Shanghai office,  the administration supervisor of UniSVR Shanghai (also in charge of the sales team).
She’s over sixty years old. Normally we should respect her in every way, but she’s really TOUGH in most of time. I call her an old Shanghai Lady while others keeps calling her NiangNiang (娘娘). But in this month she did two really bad things to the R & D dept.
a. Calling the designer of the recording reuse & recycle machenism as “psychopath, fool, out of mind”. Actually it is one of the most useful improvement of the latest release of our products.
b. Reclaim an old notebook which belongs to R & D dept. as her dept.’s property.

So as a response, I stop calling her Shanghai Lady, at least not in this month.

Record of life: November, 2012

This is an ordinary month, just like every month I spent. But there are still things I must record.

The first one is eLook product still remains un-released.
Not because we didn’t work hard, but as a result which turned out, it’s obviously that we didn’t work hard enough.
It is the first formal ALL-IN-ONE product for UniSVR which is a scaled steaming server, and also integrated with recording/alarm/notification/video processing functions.
And we do not have enought experience for all the unexpecting situations we’ve encounterred in such an embedded working environment. While developping a x86 based server product, we normally assume that the server is power enought that it has a super CPU, memory RAM is abundant, and we should never worry about hard disk efficiancy and other hardware related issues.
But the thing is we are not developping a normal server product we used to do, so we somehow in some way we don’t know lots of things we are confront with.
And even more, there always things we can not avoid.
1) There are stability issues in some UDI components, and in this month, I started to take over these parts of development myself, not because I wanted to, but I must, at lease in current circumstance.
2) UE Express, as a base of eLook, exists bugs & efficiancy issues we didn’t resovle for years, they are bugging eLook now.
3) Some issues reported by QA team can not reproduce in Shanghai RD evironment because Shanghai office dont have proper devices to run the tests, last week I requested 2 device samples for Shanghai team, but they are not delivered to Shanghai till now.
4) One of my team member who is responsible for Skype SDK for arm(which we are using to send SMS for the alarm event) is leak of skills in common arm based development, including toolchain & cross compiling, and this also caused a weeks delay, this function can not work till I envolved myself in it, :(.
5) …
Well, this is not an excuse anyway, all we see is the eLook delayed one more time, and it’s really a sad thing.

The second one is I’m happy that I’m still keeping playing badminton. It really an incredible matter for me to stick on one aerobic exercise, said by my dear wife. So I’m really happy for myself. And as a result, one of my colleague told me some day in the last week: “Jacky, I haven’t see you get a cough for a long long time”, believe me, it’s not a curse, and I really really happy for her words, XD.

The third event I must record is, one day in November 2012, my mum was hurt after she took Catherine to one of Catherine’s former classmate’s home for a visit. She was not hurt in physical, but a memtally hurt. It can be expressed by only a few words, the former classmate does homework (learning, writing, mathematics calculating) every day when she comes back from kindergarten, and she can write a pretty Chinese now. Instead of that, Catherine was watching TV, doing some scribble/painting, or making some handwork every day. Frankly, I don’t know which one would be the right one. All I wish is my sweetheart will grow up happily with her own CHILDHOOD which peaples in our age did not have.