Record of life: February, 2013

Lowest in the productivity, the only thing has been done is my yearly summary of 2012.

This month was definitely a short month, because I only worked about 2 weeks in this month. so, as a result turned out, I almost “archived nothing”, but my research topic switched several times:

First one is independent epoll module(to replace boost ASIO), this lasts a few days, then a new order came from HQ, we must take care of the android hardware decode/encode codec(base on libstagefright), and I did some dig into the android kernel & source code, about a week or more days later, when I was still obsessed with android, another new order came from HQ: we are facing with a huge pressure from sales team for the delay of Hermes series products, with means I must turn to STUN enhance for Hermes cloud service.

The only thing has been done is my yearly summary of 2012(I will post it on the blog later)

But what I must say is I learned a lot in these jobs, although I did not produce any products/library/excuatable components, instead of archived nothing . Right now, I’m planning to arrange some documents for these research topics.

This month was definitely a long month. I was absensed for 4 days before the holiday came, so I have a 11-day-long holiday this time, by attending wedding, a 80-year-old birthday, a 50-year-old birthday…

But, I don’t know what I was doing in my holiday, however. I was confused with why I feel so exhausted when I goes back to my home-town every time, I was confused with I aged one more year.

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