EzStreamSvr version update 1

This version is rebuilt by using the source code recovered from the backup svn repository(I’d encountered with a hard disk collapse a year ago, and lost almost all my data). This means this version has some known bugs, and some new features once EzStreamSvr had are no more supported. But I will try re-code for it if I can recall. EzStreamSvr had not been maintained for at least over one year(Either some other windows applications provided by RG4.NET), because I don’t have the time, but now I quitted my job, so I have plenties of free times before I go to the new company, I wish I can make some improvement for these applications, including the open-source project EasyRTMP.

Back to the agenda, the known change about this version of EzStreamSvr is only I removed the license module from EzStreamSvr, so you can use this version as long as you want.

But please do help me to improve it if you are using it, mail me if you find any bugs, tell me if you believe that there’s anything wrong.

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