Record of life: December, 2012

Words of this month: “We can’t always choose our circumstances, but we can choose how we handle them“, from Battlestar Galactica Razor

What makes me feel good:
I’m really happy that I still keeping playing badminton every weekend in this month. Now I can declare it’s the longest aerobic exercise I’ve done ever, and it feels really really good, no more flo, no more fever, even more, I’m finally got my honey’s praise, Yea! XDXD.

What makes me feel bad:
As I mentioned before, I’m studying a postgraduate degree in USTC from Shanghai. But not formally yet, because I still not pass the entrance examination, which supposed to be hold in the next month, I’m only an auditor for now.
What’s the bad is, earlier in this month, my class adviser told me, that the entrance examination will be postponed for months later, maybe six or seven months later. Not sure the root cause of this, new policy from ministry of education?? or they can not get enough students after raise the fee?? whatever it it, the auditor students like me will never be told.
And, It’s a really bad news for the second time(First bad news: As a result of the postponement, they request me to pay for the tuitions now, and can not provider a formal invoice for the fee, only an acquittance.
All these stuffs I encountered make me really sick. WTH is this?? Should I re-consider USTC for my postgraduate degree?? I really wish I can abandon this school, however I’ve already finished two courses here in the latest 3 months, if I choose another university for my degree that means I must spend 3 more months to finish the same courses, even more,  I not sure whether this issue is happening in that university too.

The 3rd event I must mention in this month is the final release date of NVR/iNVR project is delayed once more. As the architect and the also major staff/programmer of this project, I really feel sorry for it. But the thing is we can not control all the situations we meet, like we cost weeks of time in locating & fixing the video lost issue of Panasonic HCM 581, Panasonic ST165 (from two difference OEM manufacturers), which in the end turns out the default limitation of these devices streaming connection is unbelievable low, for example, HCM 581 ‘s streaming connection limitation of 1280×960 with H.264 codec format is only 2.  and this is not the only *unusually* issue the Panasonic series IP Cameras have, there are more, like:
a. Can not switch codec format dynamicly which normally call it as Dual Stream. If you want change streaming video from MPEG-4 to H.264, you must change the device setting first, and reboot the device.
b. Set audio(G.726) as major stream in SDP rather than video.
c. Send VOL/VOP(if the streaming video codec is MPEG-4) only once in the first packet of RTP payload(It is a common implementation for H.264 payload for RTP, but not so common in MPEG-4 payload for RTP).
Certainly Panasonic devices related issue is not the only issue which cause the delay of NVR/iNVR project, we must improve the robustness and compatibility of the system, and this will be a rough & long term task.

The 4th even is about a colleague in Shanghai office,  the administration supervisor of UniSVR Shanghai (also in charge of the sales team).
She’s over sixty years old. Normally we should respect her in every way, but she’s really TOUGH in most of time. I call her an old Shanghai Lady while others keeps calling her NiangNiang (娘娘). But in this month she did two really bad things to the R & D dept.
a. Calling the designer of the recording reuse & recycle machenism as “psychopath, fool, out of mind”. Actually it is one of the most useful improvement of the latest release of our products.
b. Reclaim an old notebook which belongs to R & D dept. as her dept.’s property.

So as a response, I stop calling her Shanghai Lady, at least not in this month.

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