Migrating RG4.NET from DedeCMS to WordPress

Actually the first version of RG4.NET was using wordpress as my blog app, but it’s templets are really hard to maintain for myself comparing to DedeCMS, so a year before, I migrated RG4.NET to DedeCMS. But as time goes by, I changed my mind, I think RG4.NET should be a simple, pure blog rather than a complex web site.

So I migrated it DedeCMS to WordPress yesterday. Hope you’d like it. The only thing that matters now is I don’t know how to add a software download module for the new blog. But I can live with that. LOL

BTW: The new RG4.NET blog will preserve a English-Chinese-mixed-up mode. but I will try write more English blogs later.

Author: Jacky Wei

I am a programmer, welcome to my blog: http://rg4.net.

One thought on “Migrating RG4.NET from DedeCMS to WordPress”

  1. The consequence of the migration is I lost all the comments, history hits counter, post date info and so on.

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