[UniSVR]Cloud Product and Service Demonstration to our visitors!

Although left UniSVR for a year, yet proud to say, I had particapted in this product, and played a role in this great product. For more informations, please visit: http://hermesdds.blogspot.tw

UniSVR (HermesDDS supporting company) has a group of visitors on July 10th.  It was our pleasure to have them visiting and learning more about our product and services. Continue reading “[UniSVR]Cloud Product and Service Demonstration to our visitors!”

Incoming of the Mid-term examination

Easlier in the month, got a message from the school telling the mid-term examination of our dissertation is incoming. The scheduled time will be around mid-august.

I was once told that I can’t be in the list who can have the Thesis Defense in Oct, because I’m a Gendu students. the time for me to do it will not be earlier than May, 2015. However, I can keep fight for it in spite of the busy days in the hot seasons(In the work, at home, and other stuffs).

So I planned for myself that I will finish the draft version of my dissertation before the mid-term examination, and have it ready for the first round of question in the mid-term examination.

Keep fighting!

P.S. I’m considering whether should I start to apply a Ph.D. study after this, target field:  face recognition, or streaming media, which are exact in the fields of my tutor Ming Zhu, and also I’ve mastered and worked for years.


July 2014: Why LeBron left Miami and back for Cleveland?

July, 2014, there was two big events to me in sport.

World Cup, and LeBron’s leaving decision before the final game of World Cup.

What I want say here is about LeBron’s New decision. There is a Chinese Saying, 好马不吃回头草(The good horse does not keep resuming things given up), IMO, which is exact what LBJ is doing. Continue reading “July 2014: Why LeBron left Miami and back for Cleveland?”

EasyRTMP failed to startup in release version after upgraded to the latest version of ffmpeg

To enhance the OSD functions for EasyRTMP, I tried to upgraded the ffmpeg to the latest version(2.2.4).

After a bounch of code/interface adjustment, it finally passed the test in debug version. But while I tried to bulid it in release version, and tried to run it.

A familiar dialog poped out.
So I tried to use the Dependency Walker to locate the issue.

As you can see, there was nothing, not even a single interface being found.
dependency-walker-for-easyrtmpSo I decided it was a link-time issue, maybe the interfaces definitions were stripped out in the linking time.

Go back to the Visual Studio, open Project Properties –> Linker –> Optimization, find the References property in the right side of the propery page, and try change the setting to “Keep Unreferenced Data(/OPT:NOREF)”.

Now rebuild the project and launch it. God, it worked, XDXD.