EasyRTMP failed to startup in release version after upgraded to the latest version of ffmpeg

To enhance the OSD functions for EasyRTMP, I tried to upgraded the ffmpeg to the latest version(2.2.4).

After a bounch of code/interface adjustment, it finally passed the test in debug version. But while I tried to bulid it in release version, and tried to run it.

A familiar dialog poped out.
So I tried to use the Dependency Walker to locate the issue.

As you can see, there was nothing, not even a single interface being found.
dependency-walker-for-easyrtmpSo I decided it was a link-time issue, maybe the interfaces definitions were stripped out in the linking time.

Go back to the Visual Studio, open Project Properties –> Linker –> Optimization, find the References property in the right side of the propery page, and try change the setting to “Keep Unreferenced Data(/OPT:NOREF)”.

Now rebuild the project and launch it. God, it worked, XDXD.