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Facing a new task of standardizing SIP protocols for the Kedacom conference Endpoints. So I digged into some RFC document recently. Here are some key notes for RFC3264: An OfferAnswer Model with the Session Description Protocol (SDP) 1. Capatibility comparison – Direction —————————————– If “a=sendrecv” attribute does not exist, or […]

Some key notes for RFC3264

1. Wireshark 1.10.10 source code download The source code can be downloaded from page, and can be downloaded by SVN tools, such as TortoiseSVN, from repository You can download the latest version instead, but the latest version requires Qt, means you need download an extra tool: Qt 5.3.2. […]

Step by step to compile wireshark 1.10.10

Last month, just before the long holiday, a tumor was found in Mom’s throat(Says Thyroid Cancer). Early in this month, we got the test result which telling “it’s not a bad tumor”, however, suggestion from the doctor was, better to get rid of it.So we booked a surgery for it, […]

Mom’s surgery

BFCP - HelloAck - SupportedPrimitives
I’m participating in a project which was targeted to dual stream control together with MTs of Polycom and Huawei, by using BFCP protocol while a SIPProxy is invloved. Working environment: A. Several MTs working behind different NAT. B. A Polycom SIP Proxy Server in internet. MT: Polycom MT model: POLYCOM […]

BFCP sucks

Easlier in the month, got a message from the school telling the mid-term examination of our dissertation is incoming. The scheduled time will be around mid-august. I was once told that I can’t be in the list who can have the Thesis Defense in Oct, because I’m a Gendu students. […]

Incoming of the Mid-term examination