Incoming of the Mid-term examination

Easlier in the month, got a message from the school telling the mid-term examination of our dissertation is incoming. The scheduled time will be around mid-august.

I was once told that I can’t be in the list who can have the Thesis Defense in Oct, because I’m a Gendu students. the time for me to do it will not be earlier than May, 2015. However, I can keep fight for it in spite of the busy days in the hot seasons(In the work, at home, and other stuffs).

So I planned for myself that I will finish the draft version of my dissertation before the mid-term examination, and have it ready for the first round of question in the mid-term examination.

Keep fighting!

P.S. I’m considering whether should I start to apply a Ph.D. study after this, target field:  face recognition, or streaming media, which are exact in the fields of my tutor Ming Zhu, and also I’ve mastered and worked for years.


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