Rest courses arrangement(final version)

Due to unknown reason, the course schedule changed again.
I’d say this is really bad, cause everyone knows that students applying for On-the-job degree are busy dealing with both work and study, we have schedules, not only for the courses, but only for jobs.

We prefer a stable schedule. However, plan changes, whatever the plan is, and like it or not.

Here are the last two courses for me:
1. 人机界面技术
人机交互:以用户为中的设计和评估,董建明 等编著,清华大学出版社,2007年
郑全 40/2 课堂授课 11月16,17 23,24

2. 信息检索

电子信息检索与利用 机械工业出版社 作者:刘绿茵
康宇副教授 20/1 课堂授课 12月7,8日



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