Finished my last degree course

Really happy that I’ve finished my last degree course, Software Project Management. Cost of this exam is I missed my first and also the biggest and most important event of my employer in the year.

There are still 5 more required/compulsory courses, that those will be:
a. Software Architecture & Design Pattern(《软件体系结构与设计模式》)
b. Software Quality Assurance and Testing(软件质量保证与测试)
c. Intellectual property rights(知识产权)
d. Discrete mathematics and combinatorial mathematics Intellectual Property(离散数学和组合数学)
e. Information retrieval(信息检索)

There are way to go, however, I finally can put more energy to my work.

Here is the exercises for SPM course: software project management.

and latest version of courses schedule: ustc.course.schedule

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