With UniSVR’s PC-on-PC, your PC is not just a PC.

Do you have the need to share information on the net but don’t know how to make it more efficiently? UniSVR Global Information Technology Corporation has just launched its latest PC-on-PC private cloud solution. With the cutting-edge cloud-end service and various software, you can transfer and print out your files, share images from IP cameras, and control your home appliance anytime and anywhere! Please join us and enjoy the most convenient cloud-end lifestyle. Free-trial is time-limited!
You can go to HermesDDS Member Service Portal http://hermesdds.com to register for free. Register your HermesDDS Service of PC-on-PC with the registration serial number below. You may download PC-on-PC software on http://www.unisvr.net/download.asp and manual on http://www.unisvr.net/download_doc.asp.
If you are interested in purchasing IP cameras or Bluetooth switches, you may go to IPCam Mall http://www.ipcammall.com/Home/ to choose the products which most satisfy your needs!
Free PC-on-PC Registration Number: Rg333-otONg-1953Y-J81I1 (Valid from 2013/1/24~3/24)
您有各類網路資源分享的需求,卻不知道該從何下手嗎?優網通(UniSVR)國際資訊股份有限公司推出的PC-on-PC個人私雲全面解決方案,透過最先 進的雲端服務及各項軟體,讓您可以隨時隨地傳輸檔案、操控印表機、分享攝影機影像及控制家電開關,即刻享受最便利的雲端事務及居家生活。免費限期試用活動 實施中!產品價值60美元/年!!
您只需至HermesDDS網站http://tw.hermesdds.com/index.asp免費註冊,利用下方的產品註冊序號至「序號註冊」區註冊您的HermesDDS PC-on-PC雲端服務,並至優網通網站的「軟體下載區」http://www.unisvr.net.tw/download.asp下載PC-on-PC軟體,即可免費使用雲端服務一年。若您需要進一步的產品使用說明,可至優網通網站的「軟體參考手冊」區http://www.unisvr.net.tw/download_doc.asp下載相關使用手冊。
若您想要購買IP攝影機或藍芽開關等設備,歡迎您至網路數位監控設備專業購物網站IPCam Mall http://www.ipcammall.com/Home/選購最合適的硬體產品哦!
免費產品註冊序號: Rg333-otONg-1953Y-J81I1 (有效期限:2013/1/24~3/24)

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