Fairwell UniSVR

I am a realist. I know that not everyone is capable of quitting their job and starting up. Bills need to be paid. Responsibilities don’t go away.

I submitted my job quit request in the last month, and telling my boss that I has thought it through, because it’s my third job exit request in the past eleven years.

What I didn’t expect is before the my request was approved, the message had already spreaded all around, even some old colleagues (UniSVRer) were calling me asking about it. then I started to have a really deep thought for the job quitting, but still now, I really dont know what to say. What can I say? What should I say? Who knows? Not me.

OK, in the past years, I kept telling myself, just like what Michael Lazerow said:

You’ve done what you were supposed to do. You kept fighting with your colleagues who share a same vision with you, for a common dream that we can make a great product, UniSVR can be a great company, just like DY(Chairman of the Board) once has done.

However, years past, you are no longer only yourself.

You’re married and now have responsibilities – kids, a mortgage, parents who may outlive their savings.

But you’re not living the life that you envisioned. You may say you are. But be honest. Brutally honest with yourself. Move all fear to the side. Admit it.

The great job that you worked so hard for years and years to put yourself in the position to get is now your jail.

What you didn’t realize then you realize now. You shouldn’t have done what you were supposed to do. You should have done what you wanted to do, what made you happy, and what would have provided you the freedom to live the life you wanted.

And THAT is start your own life.

You didn’t start it because you were scared. You didn’t have the money to do it, you got to pay the house load, you got school fee to pay, you will go to hospital sometimes. You didn’t have the time. Whatever. But you didn’t do it. That’s a fact.

Don’t worry. It’s not too late to start, which is your only hope to live the life you want. But if you fail to act now or soon, it may be too late(永远都不晚,关键就想做就去做,不是明天,而是现在). And getting off your current path onto a more fruitful one may be less risky than continuing to cash the regular safe paycheck and building for the long term.

If we can all agree on one thing (and it may be the only thing we can agree on), it is this: The “security” society is over. OVER! And it’s never coming back.

OK, maybe you are really old for being a programmer, just like lot’s of young Chinese programmers are thinking. There is a Chinese saying, “廉颇老亦,尚能饭否?”, is that you?  In fact, 36 is not too old to code, when you are 36, you will know it. So, yes, you can choose to be a programmer, rather than what you are told to be, a manager or other mangement-relevant positions.

I am a realist. I know that not everyone is capable of quitting their job and starting up. Bills need to be paid. Responsibilities don’t go away. But for those of you who are in a position to invest in yourself and your future, look in the mirror and ask yourself if fear is getting in the way.

If it is, attack it and start living the life you want to live. It’s what what we so called as move on.

And there is one more thing to the UniSVRer, the most important thing, that is YOU ARE MY FAMILY TO ME. And I do know I did lots of things wrong in the past 11 years, but in a time of MOVE ON, please let the bygones be bygones. Who knows that there are how many of 11-year in your life? I’m really honered that I can work by your side. I feel like I have plenty of words to say to you all, and I planned for myself a long enough time to write it, however things not always go as you planned, the truth is I only had 5 minutes to send it out, here what I can say is only, THANK ALL OF YOU, may it express what’s in my heart fullfilled with thankness. And wish UniSVR a really bright furture, wish you all healthy and happy.

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