A simple guide to start rtmp streaming with nginx

I was once using nginx, nginx-rtmp-module and EasyRTMP(http://rg4.net/easyrtmp) to streaming live video with rtmp mode.

It was just for fun, and I didn’t find a chance to utilize it in work. I suggested it to my boss year ago, but it was turned down, comparing to the works on schedule it was always a minor factor to the products. So one day when I found my disk out of usage, I re-installed my OS without backup any data of the previous working environment. Continue reading “A simple guide to start rtmp streaming with nginx”



随着智能手机和平板电脑的流行,人们将越来越多地利用这些设备观看电视节目。视频内容提供商估计在未来几 年内高达75%的电视节目将在电视机以外的其他设备上观看。在移动设备和计算机上传输视频的最常用方法是通过互联网、利用下列某种媒体流协议: RTCP,RTMP,HTTP实时流媒体(HTTP Live Streaming),和平滑流媒体(Smooth Streaming)。

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