New ONVIFPlayer lauched with ONVIF v1.0 & v2.0 supported 1

I once planned to upgrade my conditional open-sourced project RTSPPlayer( to ONVIFPlayer, which requires a device with ONVIF protocol supported.
However after resigned from UniSVR, I didn't have the oppotunity to access any ONVIF devices.
Lucky me, I got one from one of my former colleague days before, DAEWOO 570C-X10S (79), which is with both ONVIF v1.0 & v2.0 supported. So today I got my ass down before my laptop, and make some improvement for my ONVIFPlayer App.

After almost an afternoons hardwork, here is the current status of ONVIFPlayer:

1. Supports both ONVIF v1.0 & v2.0 protocols.

2. Supports device capabilities detect & enumeration. Capability categories:

  • Device informations, like manufacturer, model, serial number, firmware version, hardware ID etc.
  • Network Interfaces, like IP address settings, Mac address of ethernet card
  • Device capabilities

 Device, GPIO channals(sensor and relay)…
 Media, video profiles, dual-stream supports, RTSP/RTP/RTCP capabilities…
 Imaging, contrast, hue, saturation, brightness, invert, flip…
 PTZ, pan, tilt, zoom, home, focus, iris, preset, cruise, autopan…
 Extension, supported video/audio source channels…

3. PTZ supports with both physical PTZ and digital PTZ operations

* The latest gSOAP library for ONVIF requires SHA1 algorithm to encrypt the data, so I added an independent library to the project, which will also be listed in the source code.

You can download the latest version of ONVIFPlayer for Windows here:


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