Pray for Taiwan, God bless Taiwan

There is a revolution, A.K.A Sunflower Movement, going on in Taiwan since Mar, 19.

Frankly, I dont know what’s the “exact” appeal of the movement leading by students of Taiwan, cause I’m not a Taiwanese, I’m not living in Taiwan, I don’t have so much informations about it, and I don’t know whether it is the right thing to do to pass the trade pact with China.

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A small party for former UniSVRers

Had a party at last weekend with Mars and some others former UniSVR Shanghai R&D colleagues.

Mars Chen, VP of UniSVR, responsible for CMS series of UniArgus products, my former boss, and a sincere friend. Happen to know he’s paying a visit in Shanghai on business. And last sunday, Mar 23, was his 50-year-old birthday. So I put some call to some former R&D colleagues to hold a small party for him.
Left UniSVR as we’ve been, we are UniSVRer still, and UniSVRer forever. Happy bithday to you, my dear friend. And it was so nice to see all the colleagues again, brought up so much sweet memories, and jokes.

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How to get Callstack in Android Log File

When you are running into bugs or issues in you Android Apps, callstack information of your components would be very much helpful, defintely.

Here is a post I’v found in freescale community, auther by MingZhou, it instructs you have get the caller stack information for you Android App or components. The original url is:

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