My Curriculum design report for HCI: Heuristic Evaluation

As a close exam for HCI(Human-computer interaction) course, We are required to submit a curriculum design report about heuristic evaluation.

I must admit it was difficult for me to write this paper, having no idea what the standard format or standard protocol for such kind of papers.

There once was another paper which was data mining related (You can visit it here:, lectured by professor Zhu, who provided us a standard way to research into data mining, and told us how to write a paper about data-mining.

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My scores of the post-graduate study in USTC for now

Easy in this month, I've finished my last course of the post-graduate study in class. And I'm preparing my thesis now.

Today I checked my history scores of the courses I've finished. For records, I'll save a copy on my blog here.

Only two more courses waiting to be closed by a thesis, and they are:

1. HCI: Human Computer Interaction

2. Electronic information retrieval and utilization.

Duedate of these course exercise will be 2013/12/31.

So, hell yes, next week will be a very busy week, not to mention I also stucked in a urgent project of my job, not knowing how to solve, how to deal with.

My scores of the post-graduate study in USTC for now


Using strace for troubleshoot an UDP port issue

Issue description:

One of my program(A) got binded with an UDP port (20500) which should be assigned to another program(B), here are the steps for trace down where A binded this port:

1. start the process with strace log:
strace -f -s 128 -o proxy.strace ./pxyserverapp_redhat

2. Find out the PID of the process, also check whether the port was taken.
netstat -anp | grep pxy

3. show socket handle list created by this process
cd /proc/28803/fd Continue reading “Using strace for troubleshoot an UDP port issue”

One last course of the Postgraduate courses

This weekend, we'll have our last course,Electronic information retrieval and utilization. As a close course for the post-graduate students, the major purpuse and the job is to serve the incoming degree thesis.

Today, however, lots of the student, as usual, choosed to play truant. Nevertheless, I went.

Good to begin well, better to end well. It's an end for the classroom instruction, and I wish I can have a well end, even I really don't so intrested in it.

Tomorow will be the last day of for the class, keep going.