Migrating RG4.NET from DedeCMS to WordPress 1

Actually the first version of RG4.NET was using wordpress as my blog app, but it’s templets are really hard to maintain for myself comparing to DedeCMS, so a year before, I migrated RG4.NET to DedeCMS. But as time goes by, I changed my mind, I think RG4.NET should be a simple, pure blog rather than a complex web site.

So I migrated it DedeCMS to WordPress yesterday. Hope you’d like it. The only thing that matters now is I don’t know how to add a software download module for the new blog. But I can live with that. LOL

BTW: The new RG4.NET blog will preserve a English-Chinese-mixed-up mode. but I will try write more English blogs later.

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One thought on “Migrating RG4.NET from DedeCMS to WordPress

  • 落鹤生 Post author

    The consequence of the migration is I lost all the comments, history hits counter, post date info and so on.