Preparing a thesis of data mining 1

We finished our last class of data mining, and Professor Zhu(朱明) would like to close this course by a thesis about data mining, and the data material would better if relevant to our job.

Here are the detail requirements:

The five steps about writing this thesis:

1)      业务需求分析  比如:为了研究XXX数据,对YYY有帮助,bla bla bla bla…

2)      定义数据挖掘任务  比如:找出ZZZ数据, 要有关键句:这是一个分类/关联/聚类/异类挖掘任务

3)      数据准备,预处理  要说明数据来历

4)      应用的数据挖掘算法  用软件的截屏来说明(Weka)

5)      对结果进行评估  分析是否能解决需求提出的问题

Algorithm & data mining tools download:


Dataset for analysis(if you using a public dataset for data mining)

Google with keywords like these: uci machine-learning database

Data downloads:

Draft submit: April 20, 2013

Due date: April 25, 2013

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