RTSPPlayer v2.0 launched with ONVIF device supports

Because most of the public online RTSP streaming source are no long availible now, so I decided to
remove most of the preset RTSP streaming sources, change to a configurable user input xml(saved
in /mnt/sdcard/RG4.NET/RTSPPlayer/RTSPPlayer.xml).
And from now on, RTSPPlayer will start to support ONVIF devices. I will also change the app name to
ONVIFPlayer later.

SVN version code: 66

由于原先在RTSP流媒体播放器中的大部分地址已经不复存在,或者无法从外网连接,所以,我把里边的大部分地址都移除掉了。同时为RTSPPlayer增加了可自行通过配置XML来显示流媒体源的功能(XML配置文件存放于sdcard的RG4.NET/RTSPPlayer/RTSPPlayer.xml,通常对应于Android OS的全地址路径为/mnt/sdcard/RG4.NET/RTSPPlayer/RTSPPlayer.xml)。




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