Students take VR to new heights with feedback-enabled gloves

vr-glovesA couple of engineering students from Rice University is taking virtual reality to the next level with a glove that lets you feel what you’re holding onto.

Much of the news regarding virtual reality is centered around our vision, but what makes reality better than virtual is that it tingles all five of our senses—not just our eyeballs.  Picking up a gun and firing it in real life is totally different from popping an alien in a video game.  The experience heightens when we get a true “3D” experience via gadgets like the Oculus, but that in itself is still an incomplete picture.

To make the VR experience even more exciting, some engineering students at Rice have developed a prototype glove that provide feedback when users interact with the virtual environment.  The glove is equipped with air bladders that expand and contract when fingers interact with the glove’s trigger mechanisms.  It weighs around 350 grams, but most of the glove’s weight is shoved towards the wrist area to give users the sense that it’s light enough to make it not noticeable.

The team says their underlying trigger mechanism is easily adaptable should programmers want to implement its protocol into games and other projects.

Source: Rice University

Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent merger arouses mixed feelings in Finland

Got the break/top news right after went back from the badminton field, what Should I say, Wow. Finally, eventually, Nokia is back, with this big move, looking forward to it’s next step to reveal the confuses in everyone’s mind.


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Make VLC player to support play H.264 ES stream file

As I knew, H.264 ES stream file can be played back by CorePlayer(Commercial version of MPlayer).
But not VLC Player. But as I was told that someone did use VLC Player to player H.264 ES stream file.
So made some further dig into this issue, turned out the old version of VLC Player does support, while versions later than 1.0 doesn’t by default.
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UniSVR is shutting down Shanghai office

April 1, 2015, a bright sunny day at Shanghai.
Today is supposed to be a kidding day, however, not got so much April Fool’s Day news as usual, but an astonishing news, UniSVR is going to shut down the Shanghai office in a month.

Sign, lament, or not, UniSVR Shanghai branch will be a history, finally annoncing and revealing the ending of a 15-year-old branch/office, where I participanted along with so much guys/gals there for more than ten years.

Sorry, regret, or not, life should and will go on. I talked with my previous boss, Mars Chen, VP of UniSVR, responsible for product and surveilance product line trategy, just minutes earlier. We did not talk about why, because we all knew it, it’s about business, it’s about life and living, and life always goes on.

Sad, pain, or not, let us all move on. Twelve years ago, the most shocking news was Leslie Cheung(张国荣) left us, it was really sad, and we could do nothing about it. Today, we moved on. One month later, UniSVR Shanghai will be closed, we can do nothing either, we will also move on. Besides this might leave UniSVR a clearer and brighter furture, I’m not saying this because I’m already left UniSVR, but truely from my heart.

And, I do care of UniSVR, although I resigned from UniSVR about two years ago.
I’m still keeping paying close attention to UniSVR.

And, lot’s of things happened in the almost two years.
In the two years, digital surveilance is no longer the tragical product for UniSVR.
In the two years, the bussiness in China mainland was keeping shrinking.
In the two years, lot’s of key employees left, new one came and left.
In the two years, developing work of IoT product, which is considered as the furture of UniSVR, was transfered from Shanghai to Beijing and Hsinchu.
Most importantly, some of us shared our youngness in UniSVR, especially, guys like Michael, Maggie, etc.

And we both knew
In the 15 years, UniSVR was once great not only in the global marketing, but also in China mainland.
In the 15 years, no matter where you sit in the orgnization chart, and no matter he/she worked hard or not, deep down in the heart, every UniSVRer kept fighting for a bright furture for both themself and UniSVR China.

I do feel sorry for myself that I didn’t get a chance to send my best wishes to UniSVR two years ago when I left UniSVR.
Back at that time, I planned myself a lot for the farewell, but the thing is not everything goes as you planned, so I choosed silience, only left a post on my blog,
This time, allow me to speak it sincerely and loudly, God bless UniSVR, wish UniSVR a bright furture.

It seems today is even harder than the day I left UniSVR, it’s definitely a sleepless night for me, though I’m not know what I am thinking about, writing about.

OLC process rule of Avaya MCU 5110

1. Both H800 and Avaya MCU 5110 support up to H.264 1080P video.
2. Avaya MCU supports 720P video when conferencing with Avaya endpoints(XT1000)
3. H800 Called by(Or calling to) Avaya(RADVision) MCU 5110, the opened video channel can only max to 4CIF.
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Step by step to enable x264 with OpenCL – NVIDIA solution

x264 project added OpenCL video acceleration to it’s implementation early at about 2013(not sure with the date), and my goal here is test the video encoding performance of x264 when with OpenCL video accelerator enabled.

Test hardware environments: HP Pavilion 14
1. Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce GT730M card.
2. CPU: Intel Core Ivy Bridge i7-3632QM
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Google Code is shutting down

Yesterday, got a mail from Google, telling a big announcement about Google Code project, which was started in 2006, and the Google Code service will be shutting down over the coming months, because a lot has changed since 2006, and it’s time to recognize that Google Code’s mission to provide open source project a home has been accomplished by others, such as GitHub and Bitbucket.

Google Code is shutting down

Yes, a lot has changed since 2006. Google accepted the changes, and is going to shut down the Google Code service, like some other services once provided by Google. Great as Google, Google is still a straight learner, knows how to start, knows when to stop. Start is easy, while letting go, moving on is always difficult, but Google made it.

How about you?

Patent: Data transmission method for video conferencing and video conferencing systems

I submitted a patent paper, Data transmission method for video conferencing and video conferencing systems, to my parent agent early at Sep, 2014.

It is a patent with H.460 involved, origin from the V5.0 platform system.

But did not get any feedback until the Chinese New Year of 2015.

And after a few days of discussion and revision, finally got it finished. So, yes, the efficiency of patent agent could also be great once they decided to start.

Here is the Patent Application No. 201510096936.3

A simple implementation of GUID/UUID

GUID, Globally Unique Identifier, aka UUID(Universally Unique Identifier), is very useful when you need a global identifier in you program.
GUID is a 128-bit integer number used to identify resources. The term GUID is generally used by developers working with Microsoft technologies, while UUID is used everywhere else.
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Solution to fix WordPress update failure issue

I was having problem while updating one of my plugin weeks ago, telling me that

Could not create directory. /home/<>/public_html/wp-content/plugins/download-manager
Plugin install failed.


Unable to locate WordPress Content directory (wp-content).

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About alias: H.323 ID

Days earlier, ran into an issue which was H.323 ID related when conferencing with CISCO and LIFESIZE endpoints.

Normally we got used to set the H.323 ID with any charactors we want. But seems some manufacturors like CISCO and
LIFESIZE don’t think it appropriate, because they are adapting some rules in the naming of H.323 ID.

Here was the issue:
When trying to start a call, if the peer endpoint’s H.323 ID is named with {DIGIT}.{DIGIT}, such as 123.456, both CISCO’s and LIFESIZE’ endpoints will not to send ARQ to the registered GK to start the call.

The first thought was DOT is not allowed in H.323 ID to CISCO and LIFESIZE, then made more tries with different combinations, turned out an H.323 ID with {ALPHA}.{DIGIT} just worked fine.

Then turned to the ITU/T H.323 series of documents, trying to find a detail naming rule for H.323 ID, but got no luck but a simple description:

The H.323 ID consists of a string of ISO/IEC 10646 characters as defined in Rec. ITU-T H.225.0. It
may be a user name, conference name, e-mail name, or other identifier.

To my understanding of this phrase, DOT should not be an invalid character, but why this happened???

BTW: Tested HUAWEI(TEx0) and POLYCOM(PVX8.0.2) endpoints,  a H.323 ID named with {DIGIT}.{DIGIT} rule is allowed to them.