I like this words: “There’s never a perfect time for anything—you just have go for it and keep your eyes on your goal.” Written by Anne Kreamer August 25, 2015 In the US, where only 11% of working engineers are women and fewer than 5% of the CEOs of the […]

This CEO says her riskiest career move was becoming an ...

This post’s goal is to guide a starter to analysis a crash by reading into the assemble code. But the example listed here is not a good one, because the crash point is not an obvious one, the real reason of the crash for this example is still remain uncovered. […]

Trouble shooting: step by step to analysis crashes

An issue of call establishment delay when conferencing with Polycom MCU RMX2000 The situation was 1. Meeting entities 1). Polycom MCU: Polycom RMX 2000, version ID: 8.3.0 2). Kedacom HD3 H600 SP4 2. Call scenario HD3 joined a multi-point conference with RMX2000. 1) All the H.225 and H.245 processes were […]

A common bug of HD3 series terminals

Most of the missing features are AVPF related, which is defined in RFC4585 and RFC5104. RFC4585: Extended RTP Profile for Real-time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP)-Based Feedback (RTP/AVPF) https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc4585.txt RFC5104:  Codec Control Messages in the RTP Audio-Visual Profile with Feedback (AVPF) https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc5104.txt AVPF contains a mechanism for conveying such a message, […]

RTCP and AVPF related missing features

Found some features were missing after upgraded my blog to the latest version, WordPress v4.0, such as blogrolls. Tried to find it all over the dashboard, but got no luck. So I turned to the almighty Google, finally got the solution, and it’s really easy. All you need to do […]

Restore blogroll function for your WordPress

[20150822 Update] For the record, I didn’t find the right ITU-REC document when I wrote this post, and misguided by a claim of HUAWEI VP9650 which says it has AES256 supported, but when I sending out a call from VP9650, it showed a new DH group DH1536, so I made […]

About H.235 encryption algorithms

Encountered an issue of extreme long time compiling days ago, so we tried to add a time cost output in the Makefile to locate what on earth happened during the compilation. There are two Makefiles need to be modified, one is Linux based Makefile, another is Android based Makefile Linux […]

Add compilation time cost for each source file in make ...

Last weekend, from May 15 to May 17, I took a train to Hefei along with more than thirty classmates, to attend the desertation defence, the final phase of the postgraduate study. Those were really busy days for all of us, there were so much forms and paper works for […]

Finished my studies in USTC

Working on a Loongson(www.loongson.cn) PC, goal is to make it a Meeting Terminal. Because its CPU is MIPS arch, there could be lots of unexpected problems, so the first thought hit us is WebRTC. This post is the first step to research into this topic.

A simple guide of starting use EasyRTC

The mechanism is simple like this: 1. Pull/Clone your own repository(which was forked from another repository) to a local PC. 2. Add remote source repository to a tag of the local copy. 3. Do local merge for the two repositories. 4. Resolve the conflications if exists. 5. Commit the local […]

A simple script to sync a forked repository with the ...

I was using PageLines’s Platform theme for over 3 years, I really liked it. It’s simple, fast, and easy to use. The only problem is Platform theme does not mobile friendly, it’s sucked when you visit my blog by your smart phone. And this became the root reason of my […]

Have my blog theme changed

This question was origined from an experience of conferencing with different meeting terminals, including Polycom, Cisco, Tandburg, Huawei, etc. In our current implementation of SIP conference, we are using a stream_id tag in the Video Fast Update command to  tell the peer we are requesting an Intra frame for a […]

Media Control(Video Picture Fast Update) mechanism for SIP

Details of the issue: The situation is H600 can establish H.460 calls with most of the GKs around the world, but failed to a Polycom GK. Allow me to explain the details of this issue: 1. Caller: Group500, callee: H600, GK/MCU: Polycom RMX 2000 2. Group500 sent a call to […]

Failed to establish H.460 call through Polycom MCU issue

A couple of engineering students from Rice University is taking virtual reality to the next level with a glove that lets you feel what you’re holding onto. Much of the news regarding virtual reality is centered around our vision, but what makes reality better than virtual is that it tingles […]

Students take VR to new heights with feedback-enabled gloves