New release of EasyRTMP

A new release of EasyRTMP has been launched, the major change in this version is:

Added a test win32 version of streaming server(nginx) with rtmp and HLS supported to the EasyRTMP project.

Try it if you like.

Per my local test it seem good than the previous version.

My goal is to simplify the demo environments, I’m also prepared a windows version of nginx compiled with rtmp & HLS supported. So that you can test the EasyRTMP in your local Windows OS PC, rather than my poor VPS. Continue reading “New release of EasyRTMP”

Step by step to build x265 HEVC library

H.265 definitely is one of the top topics for video and streaming media developers, and H.265 will be one of the key technique for Kedacom’s new VC products(To be released within 2014).
I’m here to share with you a simple guide of start with x265.
As you know, x265 project is also developed by VideoLan Orgnization, same with x264 project, even the x265 APIs are similar to x264 APIs, good for we, isn’t it? Continue reading “Step by step to build x265 HEVC library”


视频会议中,通常音频能力的比较是比较简单的,通常是只是比较一下格式就行了。但是aac系列音频就是一个例外。它有一个复杂的能力表示方式,在交互的时候也不会明确的指明确切的采样率,通道数,而是像264格式一样,给出的是能力的level上限,需要我们去匹配比较。这里简单的介绍一下aac能力,和工作中碰到的问题的总结。 Continue reading “AAC音频能力协商问题”