New release of EasyRTMP 1

A new release of EasyRTMP has been launched, the major change in this version is:

Added a test win32 version of streaming server(nginx) with rtmp and HLS supported to the EasyRTMP project.

Try it if you like.

Per my local test it seem good than the previous version.

My goal is to simplify the demo environments, I’m also prepared a windows version of nginx compiled with rtmp & HLS supported. So that you can test the EasyRTMP in your local Windows OS PC, rather than my poor VPS.

and one slight change is I’ve adjusted the AAC audio to a higher bitrate(96K) to improve audio quality(Maybe I should add it to the options, so that users can adjust the bitrate themselves).

Here is a simple guide to use EasyRTMP:
1. Download EasyRTMP and nginx-win32, and extract them the a specified directory you want.
2. Locate to the “start.bat” file in the nginx-win32 packet, and execute the start.bat.
3. Locate the “EasyRTMP.exe” file in the EasyRTMP packet, and execute the file EasyRTMP.exe
4. Click the “Start” button in the EasyRTMP, and check whether it is on running by checking the log output. Normally there should be a message like this: “RTMP initialized, rtmp://localhost:1935/live/0_320x240”, if you get this message, it means you can start view the video by browser or VLC Player.
* You need to change the “Server IP” field from “” to “localhost” or some other IP address whether you are running your streaming server(nginx, FMS, Red5, Wowza, etc) mannually if you are using your own streaming server.



5. Open a browser, and navigate to the server URL, http://localhost(if you are using the your local nginx server) or you are using my VPS as streaming server).
6. Click “Play by RTMP” to start client video publish.
7. Enjoy your own live streaming!

However, if you run into some errors, please feel free to contact me by leave a word at or mailing to jacky{at} I’ll reach you as soon as I can.

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