Re-open EasyRTMP project

Just confirmed that my VPS supports nginx and rtmp yesterday, so I went and digged out my ancient code of EasyRTMP, tried to re-compile it.

Codes of DVR & RTP streams relay mode are lost in my previous disaster of hard disk broken at last year which caused the lost of almost my 10+ years of coding expirence(tragic,isn’t it, so now have two mobile hard disks to backup all my data).
However, the remain code of EasyRTMP worked for captured video from webcam.

The current version supports only video(H.264), not for audio, and now I’ve got my VPS worked for RTMP stream, maybe I will  re-pick it up, and try make it work for both video and audio.

I’ll take it for consideration, but I need time to implement it.

Here is the latest version of EasyRTMP with source code I still have,
You can download it, run it after extracted it, make it start, then open a browser and navigate to

It should work for you, but try not test it long, because my VPS has its limitation in traffic, and bandwidth too, if you want test it long, you should build an nginx + nginx-rtmp-module environemnt for yourself, to do that, you can follow this guild:

[RTMP]JWPLAYER: Could not connect to server

Days ago, I reinstalled nginx + nginx-rtmp-module on my notebook, and had it tested in my local environment with firefox and VLC player, made sure it worked(You can refer to this post for guide:

However, when I tried to redo the working on my VPS, only to find that it failed to connected to the stream with JWPlayer. Continue reading “[RTMP]JWPLAYER: Could not connect to server”

A simple guide to start rtmp streaming with nginx

I was once using nginx, nginx-rtmp-module and EasyRTMP( to streaming live video with rtmp mode.

It was just for fun, and I didn’t find a chance to utilize it in work. I suggested it to my boss year ago, but it was turned down, comparing to the works on schedule it was always a minor factor to the products. So one day when I found my disk out of usage, I re-installed my OS without backup any data of the previous working environment. Continue reading “A simple guide to start rtmp streaming with nginx”

75 Essential Cheat Sheets for Designers and Programmers

As an old coder involved in difference languages, once upon a time, I planned to arrange a FAQ(A.K.A Cheat sheet) for the languages I might use not every day but occasionally. I never did it.
However, someone did.
Here is some essential cheat sheets, posted by vikas in DesignZum, which will help to ease ur pain if u r in a position like me. Continue reading “75 Essential Cheat Sheets for Designers and Programmers”

What Happens to Older Developers?

Found a great post which is about “Old coder(s)”, I’m not that old yet, however, just like the author said, I need to plan it, right now, cause what I am now is right what he was, experienced in manny fields, and a developer like that is the least one the employer wants, according to the author’s expierence.

There’s also a Chinese version of this post, you can visit it here:
Continue reading “What Happens to Older Developers?”