Does your H323 terminal support AAC LC or AAC LD?

This is a guide for analysis H.245 terminalCapabilitySet and figure out does the terminal supports AAC LC or AAC LD?

  • First capture the call and it's communication packages, KDV1000-HUAWEI.pcap.
  • Open KDV1000-HUAWEI.pcap with wireshark.
  • Filter the KDV1000-HUAWEI.pcap with H225||H245
  • Locate & expand the terminalCapabilitySet
  • Find the items from capabilityTable which capabilityIdentifier is (ISO/IEC 14496-3 MPEG-4 audio)
  • There will be two items if your terminal supports both AAC LC & AAC LD.
  • Find parameterIdentifier: standard which value is 3, check parameterValue: unsignedMax.

And here are sample items: If the value is 2 then its an AAC LC capability. 2-aac-lc If the value is 23, then its an AAC LD capability. 23-aac-ld