Add an asynchronous message callback to accept socket connection status for RTSPPlayer

Add an asynchronous message handler to accept NDK library’s socket connection status callback for RTSPPlayer. I’m not so familiared with messages mechenism, I turned to the article for guidance.

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April, 2013: A fresh new start


After 3 weeks so called “rest”, watching movies, picking up Catherine after her classes are over, I finally got to check in Kedacom on April 18.

A life fresh new starts, surrounding with lots of “strangers”, without any IM tools allowed in the office, doing works by a PC rather than a notebook, coding on Windows and MFC only instead of all the OSs I familiar with, and I’m no longer the one who makes call in the team and no longer need to chair the meetings now, and there will be formal/required overtime working (every Tuesday & Thursday, and two Saturdays every month),  even more I can not visit my kedacom’s mailbox when out of the office, everything is so different with what I used to be in the past decades. Simply put, in my current understanding, Kedacom is a typical Chinese company, while UniSVR seems more Western in working style.

Still working on adapting to the all new environments and the team.

However, what I dont need to change myself to be is, the works are still audio/video related. My current job responsibility is get into an existing MediaSDK for the VoIP products of Kedacom, which including  audio/video capturing, pre-processing, encoding, muxing, transmitting for the caster side, and demuxing, decoding, post-processing, render for the player side, and the first step is implement a full functioned audio processing module for the MediaSDK, including but not limitted to AEC, AGC, Noise Supression, High pass filter(which will be simply implemented by wrapping the codes from WebRTC project).

I believe what I need to care is how to adjust myself to get into the role rather than programming skills or anything programming technical related.

Wish I can pass the probation soon.


Easlier in this month, USTC posted a notice that the 5th MSE entrance exam will be held on May 26. It’s a really good news to me, after postponed for over 6 months.


Dad’s work finally got confirmed too, and he will on his way to Hangzhou days later, so I don’t have so much more oppotunities to drink with him later. Enjoy the father-son drinking time.