Reading book “GOD’S DEBRIS – A Thought Experiment”

Early in this month, I watched a movie 《中国合伙人》. I don’t know the English name of this movie, Chinese partner? Don’t care. What I want to say here is the lead role in this movie was really not a great speech maker at all, however he is one of the greatest one now, only by or starting with telling people what a loser he was.

And today, when I reading the book  <GOD’S DEBRIS – A Thought Experiment>, I get the exact same suggestions from this book. Frankly, I think I’m not good at expressing, even more, I’m having trouble in expressing my “fluent”, “boundless”  thoughts. I’m really need suggestions like this. So, mark it.

Chapter 25 – Relationship

Q: How can I be more trusted?

A: Lie. You should lie about your talents and accomplishments, describing your victories in dismissive terms as if they were the result of luck. And you should exaggerate your flaws.

Q: Why in the world would I want to tell people I was a failure and an idiot? Isn’t it better to be honest?

A: Honesty is like food. Both are necessary, but too much of either creates discomfort. When you downplay your accomplishments, you make people feel better about their own accomplishments. It is dishonest, but it is kind.

Ingredient for successfully social living:

  • Express gratitude.
  • Give more than expected
  • Speak optimistically.
  • Touch people.
  • Remember names.
  • Don’t confuse flexibility with weakness.
  • Don’t judge people by their mistakes; rather, judge them by how they respond to their mistakes.
  • Remember that your physical appearance is for the benefit of others.
  • Attend to your own basic needs first, otherwise you will not be useful to anyone else.

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