Solution for virtual machine stuck at “Installing VMWare Tools, Please wait…”

I installed a new virtual machine(Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) for test purpose, everyting went OK during the installation. However, when I tried to launch my virtual machine after done with the installation, found it always stuck at the startup screen showing "Installing VMWare Tools, Please wait…".

If I key in Enter, it shows message like this:

****************************************************************** ******************************************************************
Vmware Easy Install PLEASE WAIT! VMware Tools is currently being
installed on your system. Depending on the version of Ubuntu you
are installing, you may log in below and use the system during
intallation. Otherwise, please wait for the graphical environment
to launch. Thank you.
****************************************************************** ******************************************************************
ubuntu login:_

I tried to wait like what this message told me, however, nothing happened in 5 minutes, so I dropped out, and logged in the Ubuntu with my ID and password, then installed the VMWare Tools mannually.
But after reboot the virtual machine, the message remains, which is really boring.

So I decided to remove it from my image, here is the solution for it, make it short:

1. Restore the /etc/issue file:

sudo mv /etc/issue.backup /etc/issue

2. Restore the /etc/rc.local file:

sudo mv /etc/rc.local.backup /etc/rc.local

3. Restore the /etc/init/lightdm.conf file:

sudo mv /opt/vmware-tools-installer/lightdm.conf /etc/init

Then reboot.

Enjoy your VMWare & virtual machine.


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