6 Great WordPress Plugins for Business Websites

Do you have a website or blog for your business that runs on WordPress? If you do, there are a lot of plugins out there that promise to help you optimize your site and increase sales. We decided to sift through them and find the best. These plugins will help you keep users on your site longer, help people discover your business, and streamline your WordPress experience.

This article came from blog of Name.com, and the author is Alex Kehr. You can access the original version here: http://www.name.com/blog/startmybiz/2014/01/6-great-wordpress-plugins-for-business-websites/

1. Yoast’s WordPress SEO:

This plugin is a fantastic because it’s the complete package. It lets you change page titles, meta-descriptions, keywords, etc., and shows a preview of  how the page will appear in Google search results.


(Download it here)

2. WordPress Database Backup:

This plugin helps ensure that you will always have a copy of your databases. The plugin will email a backup of your WordPress tables to you so that if anything were to go wrong with your hosting, you’ll easily be able to get your content back online.


(Download it here)

3. Yet Another Related Post Plugin (YARPP):

This plugin is great because it will help you with visitor retention. It does this by showing thumbnails of related posts at the end of a post. This means that viewers are more likely to decide to go to multiple pages and continue browsing instead of leaving after reading one post. This plugin is great because the appearance can be customized to match your site perfectly.


(Download it here)

4. Akismet:

This is a really great anti-spam plugin. It filters trackback spam and comments to help weed out spam on your blog.


(Download it here)

5. Disqus:

This plugin takes the commenting on your site to the next level. It turns your comment section into an active community. We use this plugin on the name.com blog!


(Download it here)

6. AddThis:

This is a social bookmarking plugin. It makes it easy for users to share your content on pretty much every social network imaginable.


(Download it here)

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