July 2013: Bad thing happens

At the end of June, I got my left foot hurt while playing badminton. Just a few day later, I was ran over by a moto bike, and got my right foot hurt too. But comparing to what I encountered in the last year, what happened to me now are just nothing.
BTW: Alex Chang, one former colleague in UniSVR, also had a bad lucky in the last weekend, https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000278584731.

Bad thing happens, you can choose to pity for yourself, to freak out, or run away from the things happened to you, and you can choose to hide yourself in a freezer temporary(It was the hottest July ever in Shanghai), but being a shirker can only keep you away from the pain/sad for a momont, one day or another you need to face it. So, why not be more blandly, just wait and see could it be sader? Then maybe it’s a starter of lucky.

As usual, my niece came to Shanghai for her summer vacation. She’ll be a junior high student later this year, but she’s already taller than lucy now.

My little uncle, and my brother in law are busy seeing doctors for their legs, wish they best of lucks.

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